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Samsung Unveils New C-Band Solution, Advancing 5G in the Mid-Band Spectrum


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced its C-Band Massive MIMO radio solution at GSMA Thrive North America. The new solution will enable mobile operators to increase coverage range, boost data speeds and ultimately offer enriched 5G experiences to users in the U.S. It is based on Samsung’s field-proven Massive MIMO technologies that are used to provide nationwide 5G services in Korea.

Samsung’s new C-Band Massive MIMO radio solution will offer mobile operators cost-efficiency, deployment ease and flexibility with support of 280Mhz of the spectrum and high output power to boost data speeds and increase coverage range on the critical mid-band spectrum.”

‘C-Band’ is a mid-band spectrum ranging from 3.7 to 4.2 GHz – a range that can offer the right balance of high performance and broad 5G coverage to users in U.S. It is considered a vital frequency range that will allow mobile network operators to improve 5G-powered user experiences. Samsung’s 3.5GHz Massive MIMO radio in the mid-band spectrum was a key driver behind one of the world’s first 5G services in Korea, where it currently has the highest 5G penetration rate. This played an integral part in the successful development of the new C-Band solution.

Samsung’s C-Band Massive MIMO radio utilizes 64 antennas, supports up to 280MHz bandwidth, and delivers a 200W output power. The new solution will be available globally later this year.

“Through our technical leadership in commercializing 5G Massive MIMO radio solutions for various mid-band spectrums, Samsung is helping users gain the full benefits of the C-Band spectrum,” said Jaeho Jeon, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “With this new solution, Samsung looks forward to supporting operators in exploring the new possibilities of C-Band, and connecting more people to 5G-powered experiences.”

Samsung Networks is a pioneer in the successful delivery of 5G end-to-end solutions including commercializing CBRS and 2.5GHz bands with its Massive MIMO solutions, as well as chipset, radio, and core network technologies. The company has supported 5G commercial service in leading markets, including Korea and the U.S., where the majority of worldwide 5G subscribers are located, and it is supporting the expansion of 5G in Japan. In addition, the company is rapidly expanding its global footprint to new markets, including Canada and New Zealand.

For further information on Samsung’s Massive MIMO radio, please visit here. For more information on Samsung’s C-Band initiatives, read our blog here.

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