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Samsung V/X Live: Industry Experts Sound Off on Era of Intense Business Reimagination


At last week’s Samsung V/X: Business Reimagined, attendees convened virtually to learn and experience first-hand from Samsung and industry experts about how Samsung customers adapted and evolved to be more agile, efficient, and innovative in reimagining their businesses for the post-pandemic future.

In our V/X industry sessions, business leaders shared lessons learned on how they’ve pivoted to make the best of disruptive change with new technologies and took bold steps to reinvent themselves. The change we’re seeing is just the beginning and this decade will be remembered as the era of intense business reimagination centered around collaboration and interactivity.

Among the industry session highlights:

In live sports, operators and teams are investing quickly to make changes to both their venues and their business models to reopen safely for fans, players, and employees. According to Josh Kitzler, Partner and Co-founder of 4FRONT, there are silver linings from the pandemic as it relates to improving live sports. Technology will be at the forefront of everything a sports team thinks about — from the fan experience and health and safety to new sponsorship opportunities.

“Teams are rethinking the fan journey to create a frictionless experience and leveraging new digital and mobile technologies to deliver cashless payments for parking, temperature checks at gates, facial recognition technology to streamline ticketing, and mobile ordering for concessions to cut down on missed game time. The unintended consequence is that teams and venues are aggregating more insights on fan preferences to tailor and improve their future experience.”

Josh also emphasized that we’re also just scratching the surface of what sports teams can do with better connectivity to deliver new in-stadium experiences. “There’s a massive opportunity with 5G to deliver new in-stadium experiences for fans and for teams to share more content and become their own content producers.”

Our education experts shared how they make the learning experience fun again by creating interactive, engaging lessons with display and mobile technology for students and teachers in a hybrid education environment.

According to Dr. Kecia Ray, Principal of K20 Connect, LLC, blended learning will become the standard of instruction with both asynchronous and synchronous instruction. Virtual schooling offers districts a plan to solve for teacher shortage challenges and meets students where they are in their learning pathway as they recover any learning loss.

“This is a really exciting time to rethink education. On-demand digital content and online assessments will be intricate part of the learning experience. Classrooms will be able to accommodate both online and in-class learners through digital displays, mobile devices, universal internet access, audio systems, and online learning management systems. This evolved learning system will be necessary to support our student needs and address any education gaps.”

In healthcare, our industry experts offered insights into how healthcare facilities and providers are embarking on a digital transformation to find solutions across the continuum of care and the patient journey.

Dr. Thomas Graham, MD emphasized the importance of agility, connectivity, and partnerships, as well as the importance of value-based innovation for solving big healthcare problems for large populations more economically and faster. “Enhancing the digital patient experience, accessing and controlling information at the point-of-care and translating tremendous amounts of data for decision support for caregivers to improve the outcome of patient care are key elements of taking a value-based innovation approach. The catalyst for this is through partnerships by constructing meaningful, respective, and collective success, and turning competitor relationships into collaborators.”

In retail, as consumers have embraced online ordering and curbside pickup, attracting customers back to stores safely will be a near-term priority. Forward-thinking retailers are leveraging Samsung technology paired with lead-edge solutions to rethink the customer journey and push new boundaries to elevate the in-store shopping experience, anchored in safety.

Andy Szanger, Director of Corporate Sales of CDW, highlighted that we’ve seen five to ten years of compressed modernization and creativity with retailers using technology in more innovative ways to get closer to the customer. “With a renewed openness to innovation, we’ll see new retail channels and champions emerge. Those that can solve for the last mile challenge, leverage data in smarter ways, and enable store associates to be more efficient will win over digital-ready customers back to the store.”

For more information on Samsung V/X and Samsung for Business, please visit our website here.

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