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Samsung’s Smart, Efficient Kitchens Enhance Your Holiday Weekend


People across the U.S. are preparing for the upcoming holiday weekend and unofficial end of summer. From connectivity to energy-saving technology, Samsung’s smart, energy-efficient appliances are saving consumers time in the kitchen.

Connectivity between Samsung appliances and devices helps users prepare for a more efficient week in the kitchen. Prepping the grocery list for the week ahead just got easier with Alexa built-in to the Samsung Family Hub™ refrigerator. Consumers can save time by asking Alexa to make a grocery list while looking in the fridge for grocery items needed for the week or shop via voice. Streaming music, mirroring the Samsung TV, sharing photos, searching recipes and more, is all possible from the Family Hub™.

Use the SmartThings app on a smartphone to connect to different home appliances. The apps directly sync to other Samsung cooking devices, so consumers can pre-heat their stove, like the Smart Slide-in Induction Range with Smart Dial  while SmartThings Cooking takes them through the meal prep steps.

Looking for a more efficient way to cook dinner? Cook up this Steamed Salmon and Homemade Tartar Sauce with the 30” Smart Double Wall Oven with Flex Duo™ that allows consumers to cook multiple dishes at once. Steam the salmon in the lower oven with Steam Mode and roast the potatoes at the same time.

Use the new 30” Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop with WiFi for faster, more precise cooking. The induction allows for precise temperature control, so whatever meal is being prepped won’t burn or spill over while cooking. Cleanup is easy with surfaces that can be wiped down. And, best of all, this cooktop received a 2021-2022 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award in Residential Induction Cooking Tops category.

Samsung Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop with Wi-Fi

For those whipping up something tasty in the kitchen or firing up the backyard grill, check out more recipes for inspiration on some easy family meals this weekend:

Asparagus and Lemon Garlic Dressing

Homemade Pork Belly Bao

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