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Seven Tips for Purr-fect Pet Photos with Your Samsung Galaxy

Try searching “best phone cameras” online and you’ll see that Samsung Galaxy phones consistently rank at the top. Embraced by photo enthusiasts and even an Oscar-winning director, Galaxy phones come with the latest advancements in mobile photography to help you take pictures like a pro.

When it comes to taking photos of our furry or feathered friends, try the following tips to create amazing images that you’ll cherish forever. All tips and photos featured here are by Samsung Electronics America employees.

1. Meet animals at their level.

Crouch down to take pictures at your pet’s eye level. This will give you a more intimate perspective and allow you to capture your pet’s unique personality.

close-up photo of cat
Get down to your pet’s eye-level. Photo by Shaunta McCracken.

2. Use treats and toys to keep your pet’s attention.

It can be challenging to keep your pet still and focused, but Hanna Schmitz, Senior Manager in the eCommerce Business, who takes photos with her Galaxy S21 Ultra, uses a tennis ball to keep her dog Hank’s attention, and rewards him with treats afterwards.

Photos of Hank the dog wearing a birthday party hat and wearing a yellow raincoat by Hanna Schmitz
Hanna Schmitz keeps her dog Hank’s attention with toys and treats.
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3. Use portrait mode to create depth of field.

Portrait mode allows you to take photos like a pro, with your pet in sharp focus while fading the background into a blur. Gregory Maugeri, Senior Manager in the Display Business, enjoys using Portrait mode on his Galaxy S23 Ultra and says that the focus highlights his dog Yogi’s unique features.

4. Use natural light.

Good lighting is key to taking great photos. If you are taking photos indoors, try to position your pet near a window or a well-lit area. If you’re outside, avoid harsh afternoon light and opt for “golden hours” — an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset — when the sun is low on the horizon.

cat looking out window and dog holding frisbee in its teeth
Try positioning your pet near a window and use portrait mode to focus on the best details. Photos by David Lipsky (cat) and Gregory Maugeri (dog).

5. Use Night mode.

Walking your dog at night? Take crisp photos and videos, no matter the lighting. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s most advanced camera sensor and fastest processor reduce noise in low light for stunning shots. Night mode is accessible through the “More” option on the camera.

6. Zoom up to 100 times on Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Do you want to capture a bird perched on a tree branch? Rather than frightening it away, take advantage of your phone camera’s zoom feature, which supports up to 100x on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Avoid harsh afternoon sunlight and use the Zoom function which can support up to 100x on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Photos by Hajin Choi (cat) and Lori Conrad (goat).

7. Edit your photos.

Take your best photos and make them even greater by using your Galaxy device’s editing tools. Crop your picture to remove distractions, adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights and more. You can also apply filters to make your photos pop.

photo of cat before brightening and after brightening
A great photo was made even better after adjusting the brightness and contrast. Photos by Ilya Shnayder.

For more photography tips using your Samsung device, check out the Samsung Explore page.

Header photo of sleeping cat by Deval Bhatt.

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