09.12.18 / Smart Home

A Southampton Smart Home Powered by Samsung SmartThings

If you haven’t yet made changes within your home to turn it into a smart home, you’ve landed in the right place. Samsung SmartThings recently was on display at the Ad Age House in Southhampton to showcase how the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform your living space into a connected home and make executing everyday tasks more convenient through the SmartThings app, available on Android and iOS.

With a quick, easy setup, the kitchen of the home was transformed with SmartThings products, demonstrating their functionality in a real-world setting. Journalists, marketing executives, and smart home enthusiasts gathered at the home for presentations from Samsung staff to see for themselves the powerful capabilities of the technology.

Hosted by the Internet of Things Consortium and Ad Age, and produced by BMF Media, the event showcased the latest in Smart Home technology. Attendees toured the beautiful home and grounds on the sun-filled afternoon, sipped on local craft beverages and learned how SmartThings products integrate together through the power of IoT.

Abbie Byrom, Director of Global Partner Marketing for Samsung SmartThings, was on site to speak with attendees about making a smart home accessible for everyone. “We are focused on what the best customer experience is going to be,” she explained. “We are always looking for ways to work with a variety of companies, typically through our Smart Things Certification program. We want to build IoT into devices the customer already has and facilitate user adoption so we leverage partnerships in a number of ways so that the customer can easily get on board with the possibilities.” That’s why Samsung SmartThings empowers integrated control over hundreds of third-party products as well as Samsung devices.

The SmartThings hub is the brain of your smart home. It’s essential for wirelessly connecting areas of the home you want to be able to seamlessly control from the SmartThings app. It connects sensors, the SmartThings Outlet and third-party partner products.

The SmartThings button can then be customized to control any of your connected devices, such as lights, electronics, and appliances.

The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor helps keep your home safe by sending you alerts remotely if cabinets, doors or windows are opened.

Enhance home security with the SmartThings Motion Sensor, which not only alerts you if there is motion in your home, but can also integrate with other SmartThings devices to automatically turn on and off connected lights or appliances.

The SmartThings Water Leak Sensor detects moisture instantly to help avoid water damage.

“The kitchen is a great place to set up devices from our SmartThings portfolio, to begin creating a connected home, said Dana Simone, Mobile Demand Generation Manager for Samsung Electronics America. “It is simple to connect each component, creating a convenient system for controlling items such as sensors, devices or lights or in the kitchen and creating peace of mind with the ability to monitor activity from a smartphone.”

Samsung trainers worked with attendees to demonstrate the benefits and features of the range of SmartThings products. Components were set up in the kitchen just like how they’d be set up in your own home, giving gatherers a sense of how SmartThings works in a natural environment.

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