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Samsung Continues Taking Fan Engagement to New Heights at Hollywood Park

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Infinity Screen by Samsung & YouTube Theater


Since opening in 2020, SoFi Stadium is described as the most technologically advanced sports and entertainment venue on the planet, with the 70,000-seat stadium serving as the premier location for some of the largest live concerts in the world, with recent acts Beyoncé and Taylor Swift selling out shows earlier this year. Its size, unique architecture and seamless integration of Samsung displays make it a gold standard for entertainment venues of the future and also highly sought after for global events, including the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup and 2028 Summer Olympics.

Last month, Samsung hosted an immersive, two-day Tech Showcase at Hollywood Park, the 300-acre mixed-use development that is anchored by SoFi Stadium, on (October 8-9), where partners, customers and media received an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at SoFi Stadium and YouTube Theater to demonstrate how the venue’s many digital displays continue to transform live viewing experiences for fans three years later. Most notably, SoFi Stadium’s crown jewel, the Infinity Screen by Samsung, was unveiled in 2021 to the public and captivates fans with high-resolution play-by-plays, athlete stats, game scores and digital advertisements. Positioned 122 feet above the playing field, the center-hung, oval videoboard is the largest ever created for professional sports, spanning over 1.5 acres—totaling 70,000 square feet and projecting approximately 80 million pixels. Thanks to the massive size of the Infinity Screen, every seat is the best in the house. And, the magic does not just happen on the field—immersive experiences, such as highlight reels featuring fans on the big screen during pivotal game moments, draw fans closer to the action and enhance the electric atmosphere in the stadium. At SoFi Stadium, every Sunday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“SoFi Stadium’s technological advancements have set a new standard for live event venues across the country, led by the iconic Infinity Screen by Samsung that immerses fans in everything from musical performances to legendary touchdowns,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President of the Display and Home Entertainment Divisions, Samsung Electronics America. “The venue is not just giving fans a front-row seat with stunning close-ups. Hollywood Park is tapping into the infinite creative potential of technology to deliver intimate, unique and memorable experiences that fans want more of.”

The rapid pace of technology innovation can quickly turn cutting-edge solutions into yesterday’s news, though the same cannot be said for the Infinity Screen. The Infinity Screen continues to garner attention as eye-catching visuals are featured on screen to enhance some of the most legendary performances in the sports and entertainment industry. In fact, executives from SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park believe that Samsung’s technology will play a significant role in enhancing the guest experience for years to come.

“SoFi Stadium is the jewel of Los Angeles, and it’s not surprising that it has become one of the most talked about venues with the Infinity Screen,” Fishler said. “Our partnership with SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park has allowed us to collectively create immersive experiences and completely disrupt the way fans interact with live sports and entertainment.”


“Immersive technology is not going away,” said Travis Sampson, Chief Technology Officer at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. “With Samsung, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park have set a new standard in technology. We want fans that come to SoFi Stadium for the experience of a live event to be amazed with the technology and remember it long after they leave.”

In addition to the Infinity Screen, Samsung supplies over 2,600 large-format displays and five levels of ribbon boards to SoFi Stadium, providing endless opportunities to create immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences for fans. Inside SoFi Stadium’s 4K HDR end-to-end broadcast control room, guests received a first-hand look at how content is created, managed and deployed onto the 2.2 million-pound Infinity Screen. Broadcast room operators have complete control to use the display in as many mini canvases as they want, or need. When preparing to host a concert, the operators work tirelessly with the artist to determine creative ways to present content, with the goal of creating a dynamic environment that transforms the 70,000-plus-seat venue into an intimate experience. Said best by the team in the control room, “The imagination is the limitation here.”


Samsung technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the Hollywood Park campus, thoughtfully designed to enhance the guest experience for any concert or sporting event. One of the more recent additions of Samsung’s suite of display solutions includes YouTube Theater, a 227,000 square-foot, three-story performing arts venue situated under the same monumental roof canopy as SoFi Stadium. The 6,000-seat theater offers a spacious yet intimate environment that combines state-of-the-art technology with luxury guest amenities. With two 26-foot by 14-foot Samsung LED displays on either side of the 6,100 square-foot stage, the venue immerses event-goers in the ultimate sensory experience where the farthest seat is only 164 feet away from the stage. The sophisticated design and technology of YouTube Theater attract artists and organizations that want to create personalized fan experiences. The venue hosts a multitude of events, including concerts, comedy shows, e-sports tournaments and much more.


SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park executives are optimistic about the creative potential Samsung technology brings to the property. “ how do we take that and really make it part of the customer and event experience? So, when you do come to a concert or sporting event, it’s something that really stands out from everything else,” said Travis Sampson, CTO at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, during the event. SoFi Stadium and Samsung plan to partner on additional technology installations over the coming years. The main goal? To create experiences that are so immersive and spectacular that attendees will want to say, “I was there.”

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