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New Galaxy Computing Portfolio Offers a Device for Everyone


By Shoneel Kolhatkar, General Manager, Head of New Computing

Over the last month, it’s become clear that we rely on our technology more than ever before.

Our mobile devices keep us connected to our loved ones, coworkers, and classmates. They help us stay organized, on-task, and in-the-loop. They let us shop from bed, keep up with the news, check up on friends and family, and stream our favorite songs and movies when we need to relax.

Galaxy Book Flex α

Galaxy Book Flex α

These times have offered us a new outlook on how we use our PCs, reminding us that our computers are so much more than just productive tools for getting work done. They’re also our command centers, creative studios, entertainment hubs, and so much more.

In short, it is technology that enables us to perform at our full potential and make it through the day, even when we’re working from home or studying in our kitchens. That’s why we created a new portfolio of PCs that can do it all, and then some—no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do.

A few weeks ago, we launched the Galaxy Chromebook – the first of its kind. This week, the New Galaxy Computing portfolio grows with the release of Galaxy Book Flex, Galaxy Book Flex α, and Galaxy Book Ion, three next-generation PCs that can do it all.

Galaxy Book Flex

Each member of the New Galaxy Computing family comes equipped with premium features that ensure you don’t miss a beat, no matter where you are: powerful hardware, beautiful design, cutting-edge mobile innovations, and stunning displays that can provide an immersive, cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

Galaxy Book Ion

Galaxy Book Ion

But we all have different needs, so we’re giving you the option to maximize what’s most important to you, at a price that fits your budget. Each Galaxy Book shines in its own way, with some sporting a stunning QLED display capable of producing over a billion different colors. Others offer the latest battery innovations like Wireless PowerShare, allowing you to charge your mobile devices simply by resting them on the trackpad. Some take seamlessness to a new level, featuring PC-to-Phone connectivity features that break down that walls between your devices.

Whether you’re a student trying to learn from afar, a professional juggling work from home, or a creative looking to take your work to the next level, Samsung has what you need to stay connected, productive, and entertained as we learn to navigate our new normal.

Galaxy Book Flex, Galaxy Book Flex α and Galaxy Book Ion are available starting today at and retailers nationwide.

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