A TV In The Boardroom

on 12-09-2018
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It seems like just yesterday that expensive projectors were required for presentations – now all that’s needed is a screen


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 12 September 2018 – The boardroom used to be filled to the brim with important-looking chairs, an imposing meeting table and most likely an expensive coffee station. It was where strategic decisions were made and highly intense meetings held. Today, most companies have moved away from this imposing structure to smaller, more collaborative areas which encourage good interaction and the free-flow of ideas. But, communication needs great tools and there’s a need now for screens that assist in getting ideas up, presented and discussed easily.


Technology is marching along at a pace that’s sometimes hard to keep up with. Does anyone even remember what it was like to use an overhead projector – fiddling with the transparency sheets to get them straight onto the screen? With wi-fi, blue-tooth and HDMI cables as an option, now anyone with a computer can ‘project’ information and presentations onto a television screen. In a world of rapid technological change, businesses need to ensure they choose a display that creates a collaborative and engrossing environment.


Reginald Nxumalo, Director: Consumer Electronics, Samsung South Africa says, “Intelligently connected is something that sums up Samsung’s offering and the new QLED TV is certainly smart. The new, intricately refined QLED TV offers up an unprecedented experience of complete immersion. With a sleek metal frame and myriad options for installation, from No Gap Wall-mount to an array of stylish stands, the QLED features a One Invisible Connection – this combines the AV and power lines along with the cables of peripheral devices, through the One Connect Box. The One Invisible Connection is an innovative first and comes in a standard length of five meters, that can be extended by a further 15 meters. The cable is transparent so the connections and cables simply disappear.”


But what about size? For smaller conference rooms, a 60-65-inch display is more than adequate. Most business meetings are attended by eight or less people. But, the size of the room also needs to be considered. The standard ceiling height in an office is about 2.8 metres. The average person, when seated, is eye level with 1.2 metres from the ground. The ideal height, then, for seated people is 1.25 metres from the floor. Working out the space available from the ceiling to the bottom of the screen means a 120-inch screen is really the largest that may be installed.[i]


“A great benefit of using a TV is they have a much longer lifespan than a projector and you don’t have to turn it off after every meeting. This means you can use them for digital displays, a business dash-board – showcasing company statistics – or videos on the latest news and products the company has to offer, it also include tutorials and useful information. The QLED quality will ensure everyone is fully appraised of each detail as well as fully engaged,” adds Nxumalo.


The office setting is changing on a daily basis, with more people working remotely. The boardroom will still play an integral part in all of this, but its fast becoming a much more connected and multi-purpose space than before.

[i] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-screen-size-suit-your-conference-venue-boardroom-robbertze/

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