All in the Flex: How to Maximise the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G for Work and Play

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 06 November 2020Picking up right where Galaxy Fold left off, the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G continues to build on Samsung’s best-in-class foldable innovations. Combining the power of its larger Cover Screen, immersive Main Screen, and a versatile camera system, the device delivers a wide range of productivity and entertainment experiences that defy expectations. All these ground-breaking functionalities are made possible by one foundational feature – the expanded Flex mode.


From multiple hands-free viewing options to pro-grade content creation, here’s everything you need to know about the improved Flex mode on the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G.



Two Screens, One Seamless Experience

By bringing enhanced versatility to both the Cover and Main Screen, Flex mode makes the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G a device that can help you accomplish any task on the go.

The device comes with a larger 6.2-inch Cover Screen, giving you quick access to notifications and ample space to complete general tasks, such as viewing and replying to messages. Let’s say you want to watch a video link your friend sent you in detail. Simply tap on the link and watch content right on the Cover Screen in both portrait and landscape mode.



Flex mode allows you to watch content without interruption even when you unfold the device. The feature automatically brings all the apps that are opened on the Cover Screen to the Main Screen, so you don’t have to waste any time and start all over again.



Keep Your Hands Free

Whether you are attending a virtual meeting in a café or following a video recipe in the kitchen, the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G can free up your hands and give you more flexibility while multitasking. The Hideaway Hinge allows both the Cover and Main Screen to stay open at multiple angles without a stand, providing you with a wide range of viewing options for all types of situations.

When you unfold the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G slightly and rest the device on a surface, you can view content on the Cover Screen hands-free. If you need more space to work with, just open the device further to change from the Cover to the Main Screen. In this mode, the top half of the Main Screen will play the video, while the bottom half will show the video controls.



For a more immersive entertainment experience, all you need to do is unfold the device fully. Featuring an Infinity-O Display with 120Hz refresh rate, the fully unfolded 7.6-inch Main Screen delivers lifelike, dynamic visuals. With high-dynamic dual speakers, you can enjoy incredible sound quality while watching your favourite content.



Shoot With Maximum Flexibility

When used with Flex mode, the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G’s cameras become even more powerful, allowing you to shoot exactly the way you want. The flexibility enabled by the feature lets you maximise the advantage of the rear camera, even when you are taking selfies. Simply turn on the Camera app on the Cover Screen and tap on the Rear Cam Selfie button. You can then unfold the device to take selfies with the rear camera while using the Cover Screen as a viewfinder.



Capture View mode on the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G lets you check photos and videos as you shoot. The feature works with Flex mode, so you can view up to five of your recent captures in the bottom half of the Main Screen, while the preview of the next shot remains in the top half.



Collaboration between the subject and photographer is key to creating dynamic images. Dual Preview on the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G makes this process effortless by showing a preview of the image on both the Cover and Main Screen. The subject can adjust their pose based on the Cover Screen preview, while the photographer can find the perfect composition with the larger preview on the Main Screen. Dual Preview also works with video and it can be activated in Pro Video mode.


Whether you are taking part in the latest dance challenge or filming a vlog, Auto framing on the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G can help you create content on your own, wherever you are. It keeps the subject in focus, even when it’s in motion, so you don’t need to worry about staying in the frame when you are filming alone.



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