[Big-Screen Chronicles 4] The Secret to Big Screen Ultra-High-Definition TV Experiences: the AI Quantum Processor

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 22 September, 2020 The global market for large screen televisions is on a surge. According to global market research firm Omdia, global shipments of TVs with displays over 75-inches are expected to increase by 17% compared to 2019 and 8K TVs are set to increase by 110% this year as well. Given the market demands, Samsung is doubling down on its efforts to give consumers large screen TVs that not only offer the best picture quality but also the best sound experiences.


At the heart of that is Samsung’s AI Quantum Processor.


The AI Quantum Processor is a high-performing chip developed using Samsung’s proprietary technologies that can process complex algorithms quickly using machine learning-based upscaling. That gives consumers the ability to stream 8K content in real-time paired with dynamic, location-based acoustics. Samsung is peeling back the secrets of the AI Quantum Processor to share on how it brings these experiences together to get better resolution, better sound and better picture integrity.



One of the leading questions consumers continue to ask about large screen TVs is how to watch ultra HD content in 8K resolution given that it isn’t widely available yet. That’s where Samsung’s AI upscaling technology comes in.


Today, the technology transforms not only 4K content into 8K, but it also works for lower-resolution SD, HD and FHD-quality content as well. The AI Quantum Processor 8K combines the advantages of existing machine learning capabilities with new deep learning technologies to analyse and deliver content at some of the most granular levels possible.


This hybrid approach helps to remove unnecessary noise and creates life-like textures and smooth edges on up-scaled 8K content that only Samsung can deliver. It also adjusts content brightness and darkness levels according to the light and living room conditions the display is set up in.


AI Quantum Sound for the Most Suitable Audio Experiences



Adding a truly effective audio experience to high-quality picture quality serves to bring about an even deeper sense of immersion to viewers. Samsung’s AI Quantum Sound, bolstered by artificial intelligence, provides a listening experience similar to that of a movie theatre right in your living room.


Samsung’s new innovative sound technology Object Tracking Sound+ follows movement on-screen to match the direction of the sound to the action. The technology recognized and analyses the recorded audio synced to the content in real-time and evenly distributes the audio tracks to the six speakers embedded in the TV. And due in part to the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA), users will never miss a word of dialogue, regardless of what is happening around the TV. The feature monitors the sound environment so that if there is noise louder than the TV’s audio, it will increase the volume of just the dialogue audio so as not to overwhelm users while ensuring no word goes unheard. Also, sound will be delivered seamlessly thanks to real-time deep learning audio separation technology, high-performance NPU (Neural Processing Unit).


AI Streaming for Minimal Data Loss


Thanks to the widespread use of the Over the Top (OTT) streaming services, more and more users are taking advantage of their large screen TVs and stream 8K content. However, existing network infrastructures cannot always guarantee image quality that meets users’ high-resolution expectations. This is why at the Samsung Developers’ Conference in 2019, Samsung introduced its AI Scalenet technology, designed to overcome these infrastructure limitations and support effective 8K streaming and low-latency livestreaming.


AI Scalenet is a CES 2020 Innovation Award-winning AI codec technology that generates resolutions four times higher than conventional technologies without any change to the network infrastructure. It minimises the data loss that may occur during the compression and playing of videos through deep learning technologies, meaning users can enjoy 8K-quality content regardless of their network infrastructure. Even during peak usage, AI Scalenet dramatically improves image quality and content speed according to the network status and reduces picture breaking and ambient noise.



These days, more content than ever can be enjoyed on our TVs, meaning that the expectation for immersive viewing experiences in the home has increased, too. Samsung plans to continue to use a range of innovative technologies, starting with artificial intelligence, to bring the best experience 8K content and audio experiences to living rooms across the world.

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