Bigger Family, Smarter House: How Grant Hinds is Bringing the Future Home with Samsung

on 08-04-2022
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Grant Hinds, the popular YouTuber and TV technology journalist, who many South Africans tune into for the latest and greatest in innovative technologies, recently decided to create a home space that reflected his own affinity and appreciation for pioneering innovations. Grant selected a range of Samsung appliances to turn his house into a smarter home. These include the Samsung Gas Cooker, AddWash™ Washing Machine, WindFree™ Air Conditioner as well as the Samsung Jet™ Vac. For Grant, these were carefully selected additions to his home, as he is enthusiastically starting a fresh chapter in his life, with both a fiancé and a new-born baby in the house.


The Samsung SmartThings App serves as his seamless connection between all the new appliances, as he wanted to ensure that every device was accessible, customisable and made even more convenient though a smartphone or tablet. This creates a seamless all-in-one access point to make the most of the appliances’ remote and A.I capabilities. With baby Jamie on the mind, Grant’s enthusiasm for the Addwash™ is clear. The appliance is well-loved for its efficiency, hygiene innovations and even the ability to add an item of clothing midway through a wash. Watch his post to see why he describes it as “perfect for Jamie because there’s even a baby-setting, and it also offers effortless ways to manage different fabrics, with Samsung doing the heavy-lifting”.



Grant also recently installed a Samsung WindFree™ Air Conditioner. Well, in reality it was Samsung’s Signature Service team that made the installation and instructions for use, a breath of fresh air. Watch his post as he discovers how the WindFree™ Air Conditioner is a must for any home in South Africa where smart cooling, hygiene and energy saving are all top of mind.  These innovative air conditioning units gently and quietly disperse air through 23,000 micro air holes, while its advanced airflow cools a wider and larger area more evenly without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. It’s also equipped with innovative A.I features that detect when you’re in a room and also adapt to your usage patterns.


In another enthusiastic post Grant shared his excitement for the Samsung Jet™ Vac, which he and the Samsung installer both agreed rapidly began to resemble a spaceship. With the instructions for use conducted under strict whispering conditions (as baby Jamie was sleeping at the time), Grant discovered how remarkably the Samsung Jet™ Cordless Stick Vacuum range is cleaning up in all the ways people need it to. The 3 models, Jet 70, Jet 75 and Jet 90 deliver advanced cleaning solutions for South African homes. They are each designed to delight with incredible suction and battery power, a lightweight design, washable dustbin, free standing optional extras such as a docking station and the Clean StationTM – for contactless disposal of vacuum dust. It’s also so light that it can be mounted on the wall for charging, and on full capacity you can get up to 60 minutes of run time. The Samsung Jet™ Vac’s flexible innovative accessories make it effortless to clean hard to reach spaces and corners. It can even mop your floors with an optional spinning sweeper you can purchase, leaving your home cleaner and fresher every time.



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Grant later turned up the heat in his new smarter home with the Samsung Gas Cooker. In his post he showed why this is no ordinary Gas Cooker. It’s a stainless steel masterpiece, that adds a touch of class to your kitchen, making it easier to prepare a wide range of dishes, while seamlessly saving on energy costs. Powered by five burners, including a Triple Burner, a Rapid Burner, and a Simmer Burner, Grant couldn’t wait to make the most of the seamless and sophisticated adaptability of this stylish gas cooker.




As Grant showed, Samsung, as a technology pioneer, is perfectly placed to create seamless solutions that bring your home to life. As a company committed to human-centred solutions Samsung has developed a range of intelligent appliances that can be effortlessly connected to devices such as our indispensable smartphones. And the appliances themselves are embedded with features that make life simpler and better. The future has arrived and it is now a part of your home. Baby Jamie may one day share his own posts to show his delight at these incredible innovations.

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