[Design Story] The Essence of the Galaxy S9

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In many cultures, the number ‘9’ represents the notion of reaching the zenith. It is the culmination of history that has been accumulated from 1 to 8, as well as the symbol of potential that signals the beginning of a new era. Samsung Electronics introduces the meticulously crafted design of the Galaxy S9 that presses on toward the state of perfection.


Form that is Perfected through Perpetual Refinement

The Galaxy S9 has been carefully and delicately shaped to preserve the bare essence of design. With attention to detail and precise technology, the Galaxy S9 showcases a perfectly singular form.



Experiencing Unity through Curves


To establish a visual sense of unity in their form, the display and body come together to create a single silhouette. The Galaxy S9 boasts an enhanced design quality by adjusting the curvatures of the body and display to swerve together. Users can experience oneness from the harmonious curves that connect the body and display.



A Visually and Functionally Enhanced Metal Frame


The metal frame uses an upgraded aluminum material with improved resistance to scratches. The frame is also slightly more protruded than the glass for an increase in durability. Samsung added a Satin Gloss finish to the metallic material to give a soft and glossy shine and established unity between the body and the frame by applying the same colour to the frame and body.


Visually Experiencing Oneness


The front surface of the Galaxy S9 features a shortened length on the top and bottom part with a reduced bezel for deeper visual immersion. Furthermore, it concealed the hole used by various sensors on the top to minimize visual distraction.



Understanding Value through Usage

Some values cannot be understood by simple observation. The Galaxy S9 understands the nuances of a user’s experience and provides an optimized design.


Heartfelt Considerations and Detail in the Palm of Your Hand



The delicately crafted design of the Galaxy S9 is based on profound consideration for its users. The height and width of the Physical Key on the side has been adjusted for easier use with just one hand. The curves of the device’s sides have been gracefully reduced to allow for a much more stable and comfortable grip.


The two camera holes on the back are vertically aligned to create a slimmer and more stable look to the rear design. The camera and rear sensors are designed to blend even more harmoniously with the body. User’s comfort is further enhanced by the fingerprint sensor placed in the center to make it easier to reach with either the right and left hand.



Completing the Display Design


The all-new AOD (Always On Display) features 20 different GIF animations that are offered by default. Users can personally pick and choose images to put on display to reflect the user’s mood. The Lock Screen, which users see countless times throughout the day, has been designed to bring a sense of visual completeness. The various components of the Lock Screen, such as the text used for the clock and date, automatically change in colour to adjust and blend to the background that has been set by the user to complete a wholesome and adaptable Lock Screen.



Relishing the Richness of Sound


The Galaxy S9 has changed to enrich our lives with the richness of sound. The dual speaker’s surrounding effect emits wide and far-reaching sound. The speaker hole on the bottom of the device has been combined into a single hole to orchestrate a much more natural sound.



Colours that Embody Light, Accessories that Embody Lifestyle


Samsung instilled the sensibilities and familiarities of everyday life into the smartphone, the one device users spend the most time with throughout the day.


With refined colors and a wide selection of accessories, the Galaxy S9 harmonizes more naturally with our daily lives and surrounding environments.



The Galaxy S9’s Colors that Capture the Course of a Day


The Galaxy S9’s four colors were created from the shades of light that change throughout the day. Black is inspired by the darkness of night just before dawn; Gray portrays the soft glow of light that passes through a frosty, foggy morning; Blue is the color of water when a warm ray of morning sun shines through; and Purple embodies the colorful palette of a sunset that spreads throughout the evening sky. Through the Galaxy S9, users can witness the perfect impressions of light as it travels the course of daily lives.



Accessories Instilled with Familiar Materials and Colours


The accessory cover comfortably and delicately fits the device, while reflecting users’ taste and lifestyle. On top of the previous clear cover and silicon cover, Samsung has ramped up the selection with new materials and colors. The Weaving is an exquisite cover that sports a fabric-based weaving pattern; the Hyper Knit uses materials from sneakers to give a boost to youthful and sports-like feel; the Rugged is a witty design that looks like a mini carrier; and the Alcantara demonstrates the high-quality finish of the fine leather. With this wide array of materials and designs for the accessories, the Galaxy S9 becomes a tool to express a user’s unique taste and style.


*Covers and other accessories are sold separately.


The delicately refined design of the Galaxy S9 accompanies the user in all moments, by gently permeating into the details of everyday lives to unveil its unique value more powerfully.


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