Fast and Powerful : Samsung Pairs The Speed Of 5G With The Strength Of Android

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 04 December 2020 In South Africa, 5G is becoming an exciting new reality that brings with it advanced capabilities, faster download speeds and connectivity. Of course, these devices rely on 5G-enabled devices. Fortunately, Samsung is committed to harnessing this incredible game-changing technology through its incredibly powerful devices such as the recently launched Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Note20. Better still; the tech is enhanced by Samsung’s successful partnership with Android.



“For Galaxy fans, the seamless integration and access to the latest Android updates is an essential addition to Samsung’s flourishing ecosystem. For many years now, Samsung has consistently demonstrated the value this provides to customers. After all, the operating system and the innovation within the devices require a meaningful synergy that amplifies the user experience, while protecting Galaxy fans from unnecessary security breaches. With 5G capability there is now even more reason for Samsung smartphone users to feel empowered, “says Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.


Samsung has committed to launching devices that harness the power of 5G. This bodes well for South Africans looking to extend the lifecycle of their devices with future-proof functionality. When paired with the power of the Android operating system the power to create inspiring new mobile experiences is now in the hands of Samsung smartphone users.


Samsung also provides Samsung Knox, a defence-grade end-to-end security platform, regular Android security updates and proprietary app features updates to most of the Galaxy devices as quickly as possible. Additionally, the importance of contactless payments has been put into sharper focus recently as a preferred method of payment. That’s why Samsung Pay is another reason to feel safe and secure. This simple digital wallet allows you to use your cards instead of cash and do contactless payments almost anywhere on compatible Samsung devices.


Clearly, for Galaxy fans, Samsung and Android’s relationship benefits them in amazing ways – empowering people to do more of what they love most, with apps enabled at peak performance. As the largest Android manufacturer, this comes as good news to Samsung users.


As we move into a new year, there is now a clear need to move forward faster and stronger. With Samsung’s focus on 5G and building on its Android relationship, smartphones will provide many more previously unimaginable ways to work and play. The future is calling and Samsung is answering the call.



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