Galaxy Note5 S Pen Provides Paperless Signing Capabilities

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Samsung and Impression Signatures, team up to provide convenience and efficiency


Samsung Electronics South Africa has partnered with local innovators, Impression Signatures, to provide prosumers with electronic signing functionality for the Galaxy Note5. The recently launched phablet gives users a host of powerful features including a redefined S Pen – the signature tool of Samsung’s flagship Note series. In addition to being a pivotal instrument for business users, the Galaxy Note5’s S Pen offers developers the opportunity to develop applications with Samsung’s Software Development Kits (SDK).

Using Samsung’s S Pen SDK, Impression Signatures has created paperless signing with the ‘Impression’ software to allow handwritten signatures to be captured electronically into PDF documents directly from the Galaxy Note5. This innovation in biometric technology helps alleviate the need for printing, scanning and storing documents.

“Our SDKs are the perfect way for developers and software vendors to help advance our service offering,” says Paulo Ferreira, Director of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung SA. “Impression Signatures is a valued partner – its software is an incredibly effective tool on both a consumer and business level. Business efficiency is a huge priority to our customers and this app goes a long way to helping companies operate more effectively.”

Impression Signatures analyses biometric information, such as the pressure of the Galaxy Note5’s S Pen and the number of lifts of the pen on the screen. The app can be downloaded for free as long as it is used for personal use from the Google Play Store. Businesses can purchase enterprise licenses and invest in a supplementary solution which delivers a more in-depth analysis of the signature, allowing companies to compare and validate the signature of a particular person.

Andrew Papastefanou, Founder of Impression Signatures says: “The physical act of signing remains a really elegant and powerful tool. In one action a person simultaneously proclaims, ‘This is me’ and ‘I agree with this document’s content’. Companies and individuals alike are comfortable with handwritten signatures and what they stand for. The Galaxy Note5 allows the handwritten part to continue and with the Impression app, the process surrounding the capture of signatures is eased.”

Samsung has been working closely with Impression Signatures as part of its Samsung Enterprise Alliance Programme (SEAP), which offers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers opportunities for development, access to technology and training to help partners meet customer requirements. The aim of SEAP is to provide new marketing and revenue opportunities in the enterprise space by opening new doors for future prospects. Being part of the programme has enabled Impression Signatures to gain further exposure as well as providing Samsung with a key tool to complement its existing offering which helps meet customers’ needs.

“SEAP is a powerful programme for our partners – the additional reach and exposure gained from this can help lift companies to a new level,” explains Ferreira. “As our technology progresses, we look forward to welcoming more developers and ISVs to expand our services.”

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