I was walking my IoT the other day when this AI came up to me asking about IT

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Bixby makes life easier, more understandable and way more fun

I was walking my IoT the other day when this AI came up to me asking about IT’s relevance in a world of VR and VAR. I 4G’d at the absurdity of such a question. Everyone knows you can’t begin to #3-D print without some form of PhD. Duh.


Today’s technology is advancing faster than most people can decipher logic from hogwash in the previous sentence. With Samsung’s new offering, you don’t need to understand any of the complicated terminology offered up be tech geeks. Bixby is a recently launched, highly intelligent virtual assistant for  smartphones,, which offers a new way to interact with your phone. Its smart interface makes engaging with your device, services and apps more intuitive and seamless. Simply put, Bixby will be there for you at 2 o’clock in the morning when neither of your friends are up for a two and half hour telephone conversation.


Here are ten things you don’t (and need to) know about Bixby.

  1. Bixby is gender neutral. Bixby can be modified to speak in either a female or male voice. (Like Ironman you can have your own F.R.I.D.A.Y or Jarvis)
  2. Bixby is customisable, meaning you can switch off your phone’s alarm in the morning, have the weather for your city read back to you, and have a recipient of your choosing receive a warm and fuzzy good morning text, simply by using a voice short cut like “good morning Bixby.”
  3. Bixby understands the way you actually converse without having to resort to that robotic-speak. It even understands cross-application commands.

For example, you could ask Bixby to “send the picture just taken to Mom,” Bixby will know which photo you are referring to and will text it to your mom.

  1. Bixby is no quitter. Even when Bixby does not understand the request, instead of giving up, Bixby will ask for more information to be able to complete a task.
  2. With comprehensive functionality, Bixby lets you switch from voice command to touch, vision, text and back to voice. In other words, if you don’t want Bixby talking back to you, you can use the app or touch to perform the same tasks. Should you opt for the voice function, you can have Bixby type out an email by simply by dictating it. Bixby can even read it back to you, and if you feel edits should be done, Bixby can edit it for you.
  3. Bixby doesn’t forget. Bixby Voice records all of the questions you ask, along with all the answers that it has delivered in response. You can then look back at something you’ve asked in the past. You can pull up these archives from within the Bixby app.
  4. Bixby Vision allows you to translate texts, search for images in the way your camera sees images (similar to Google reverse search) and shop for those items.
  5. Bixby pays attention. It learns your daily patterns, speech type and preferences to improve and give you better results.
  6. Bixby can handle complicated tasks like opening an app in split-screen view, rotating misaligned photos, reminding you where you parked, playing videos on a nearby TV, and composing emails. It can even gather all the photos you took last week into a new album labelled “Vacation” and share it with your friends.
  7. Bixby can perform two-step actions like, “Call an Uber and text the details to my mother” or “Open Instagram and post my most recent photo.”


Already Bixby has over 10 million users world-wide and that number is set to grow exponentially when Samsung integrates Bixby into its other smart appliances like TV’s and web operating fridges.


Whether you have a walkable IoT, a PhD in IT or simply use your device as a mobile office, Bixby is here to make your life easier in the process.

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