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Modern design requires an object to be beautiful and functional, not just one or the other


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 12 March, 2018 – Louis Sullivan, an American architect sometimes referred to as ‘the father of skyscrapers’ coined the phrase ‘form follows function’. The phrase is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design. It declares that the shape of a building or object should relate to its intended purpose or function. He got his thinking from a Roman architect and engineer, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, who said a structure must exhibit three qualities: it should be solid, useful and beautiful.


While ‘form follows function’ could be seen as a stark stricture on creativity, when used innovatively and with people in mind, solidity, usefulness and beauty can be combined. Those three qualities are intricately incorporated into the design of Samsung’s Q9000 floor standing air conditioner.


Mike van Lier, Director of Consumer Electronics, Samsung South Africa, says, “The Q9000 is a highly attractive piece of furniture that lends itself to contemporary interior design trends.”


The functionality of the Q9000 is unsurpassed, with seven types of airflow to fit into just about any situation – whether you’re exercising, cooking, sleeping, reading, cleaning or gearing up for a season change. The three separate fans can be operated independently or together, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency with minimum energy usage. The smart inverter compressor adjusts its speed in response to the surrounding temperature, keeping energy wastage to an absolute minimum.


“Not only is the design extraordinary, the Q9000’s embedded technology is astounding. The jet engine mechanism that drives the three separate, powerful spiral airflows ensure quick and highly effective cooling and the film filter utilises a magnet mechanism to keep the air clean and healthy,” concludes van Lier.


Added to the sleek design is the ice-blue lighting that lets you know when the air conditioner is on and working, which bathes your home in beautiful light, enhancing its great looks as you relax in the perfect comfort of your own home.

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