[Interview] Two Incredible Young People Discuss Their Journey Through Samsung’s Education And Bursary Programmes

on 28-06-2021
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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 28 June 2021 – Over many years, Samsung has focused heavily on skills development and bursary programmes designed to make a meaningful difference, by empowering the youth of the country.  These programmes include the Samsung Engineering Academies across Africa, which have already seen thousands of students graduate with hands-on, practical skills at no cost, enabling them to move into jobs after they graduate. The multi-million-rand Empowering Tomorrow Bursary Programme* has also afforded dozens of deserving students the opportunity to pursue their ambitions of furthering their studies at reputable tertiary institutions.


Samsung spoke to two beneficiaries of these programmes:


Nongcibelani Mashilo | Empowering Tomorrow Bursary Sponsorship



About Nongcibelani: I was born at the beginning of the millennium and therefore technology has been a big part of my life from a very young age. Growing up, I saw us moving in the technological era from ‘box’ television sets to the latest 8K resolution ‘flat-screen’ TVs. Funny enough, my very first smartphone was a Samsung S3 Mini, which still functions almost 8 years later. I was also fortunate enough in primary and high school to have had a basic introduction to the use of a computer and Delphi coding.  Although the career path I have chosen might be challenged by artificial intelligence technology, we have been reassured that you cannot teach a computer ‘ethical reasoning’, but can still make use of certain tools such as Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) to relieve your workload. With these type of insights, and with many of us working remotely, we all learnt about the major role technology plays in our lives. This excites me.


How did Samsung impact your life?

The funding has been a critical part of my life as it has helped me continue my studies towards a BCom Accounting Sciences degree at the University of Pretoria. This is a stepping-stone towards my dream of becoming a registered auditor in possession of a doctorate degree in the future.


What have been the major highlights of your bursary journey?

The biggest highlight of my journey is being invited to the bursary launch at the Samsung head office in 2019. The networks I have built with individuals I met through this programme are still going strong. Additionally, seeing that when you Google ‘Mohau Mashilo’, an article where a speech I had delivered earlier this year had been quoted by Samsung appears on the results page. This really makes me feel honoured that my story has somewhat touched many lives. As ambitious as it may sound, I hope to one day be an employee at Samsung South Africa and be part of an entity that is making a difference in young people’s lives.


What are your future ambitions?

I am currently completing my final year of BCom Accounting Sciences at the University of Pretoria. I have always had a passion of giving back to the community and I had always hoped that one day I will be able to reduce unemployment by opening my own auditing firm, as well as empower the youth to create sustainable ways to create an income, with or without a formal education. I also hope to one day in my personal capacity, be able to finance underprivileged students’ fees the same way Samsung has done for me.


Sabelo Enock Luthuli | Samsung Engineering Academy Student




About Sabelo: The electronics sector fills me with anticipation as it has huge opportunities for young people interested in the field. I have spent a lot of time thinking of how I can use my electronic skills to create a better life and assist my family financially. My passion is to open my own company that will focus on maintenance for home appliances. This may also present the chance to transfer these skills within my community and empower other young kids.


What part of the ICT sector inspires you?

Since electronics isn’t only about maintenance, I want to create something amazing, like Elon Musk. I think the skills I received from the Samsung Engineering Academy for designing electronic circuits will be advantageous for me. I would also like to use this opportunity to see if I can use the lessons in a telecommunication network space, since there are huge opportunities for youth in TVWS network installations. This could make a difference in rural areas as many people there have little to no access to stable data connection.

How do you think the Samsung Engineering Academies make a difference?

As a beloved and successful company, they inspire me to commit to completing my studies, become a businessman who is a great team player and use my new-found skills to benefit the people around me. I’m already excited to be able to make extra money by fixing home appliances such as Smart TV’s, Microwaves, DVDs, amplifiers and cell phones. I am deeply grateful to the academy for putting me on a journey of great discovery.


In the rapidly changing technological landscape, Samsung South Africa will continue to create programmes and opportunities for young people, who continue to be inspirations for a better tomorrow.


*Samsung has awarded 21 Million Rands in bursaries over three years


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