Introducing 1 Life Pulse Lite: A innovative health management Program Set to Transform The Life Insurance Industry

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The Galaxy Watch Active2 powers this pioneering partnership

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 25 January 2021 Samsung, 1Life and VeoSens launched Pulse Lite a world-first in South Africa and is set to transform the life insurance market, while simultaneously enhancing South African’s approach to better health. 1Life Pulse Lite works differently from what is currently in the market, in that it provides long-term financial benefit for making incremental changes in your daily life. The difference between VeoSens and other health management apps is that VeoSens removes the complicated jargon and provides simplified metrics that are easy to decipher and understand. This empowers people to make informed decisions regarding their wellbeing. The product is compelling: Backed by the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and VeoSens app technology, it enables consumers to earn additional ife insurance cover, by making better daily choices.


Pulse Lite is an innovative health management program that provides consumers with a simple, intuitive means of tracking one’s health. When you sign up for 1Life Pulse Lite, you are immediately allocated Base Bonus Cover of R50 000, which you can then grow in two ways: One by simply monitoring your activities on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and secondly by making positive lifestyle changes to improve your well-being. You can grow your cover up to R18, 200 per month or R607 per day. The special offer is available from 18 December 2020.



The Technology Whose Time Has Come


Life insurance has been modelled around how people live their lives. The healthier you live, the lower your risk profile and the less your premiums are. This technology really helps elevate this, by giving consumers tangible measures of their wellbeing and enabling them to take real control whilst encouraging them to make the necessary amendments for a better life. 1Life Pulse Lite is the culmination of this technology partnered with life insurance, creating a platform for consumers to add greater value to the cover.








Pioneering Cover: Adapting to our consumer needs in the New Normal has been made even easier through this pioneering technology. 1Life Pulse Lite is a sophisticated health management solution that tracks and guides heart, activity and sleep, monitoring overall wellbeing. Every time you choose to get a little extra sleep or go for a walk, for example, you’re likely to grow your life cover. To qualify for the programme you simply need to buy the Galaxy Watch Active2, register with 1Life and download the VeoSens app.



The Incredible Watch: The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is technology designed to complement your lifestyle and with this partnership, it can do so effortlessly. With the many recent and unprecedented changes in the world, many of us are dealing with anxiety, which affects our body’s ability to rest. The Galaxy Watch Active2 effortlessly tracks your fitness, sleep, stress and even becomes a running coach. The stylish and popular Galaxy Watch Active2, which was first released in 2013, is an incredible example of Samsung’s innovation and leadership in wearable technology and is now wonderfully paired with 1Life.


The Innovative App: VeoSens is a tailor-made Health Management Solution. It is a user-friendly health companion, that provides a consumer 4 scores with life-like illustrations that help you intuitively manage your health and get rewarded for even better sleeping habits. The VeoSens health management solution is built on the recognition that people are different and not everyone is an athlete. Relative to other health apps, it factors in every consumers’ lifestyle and then offers bespoke health management recommendations based on individual metrics. This ensures that everyone can benefit rather than just a few fitness fanatics. Ultimately, 1Life Pulse, through VeoSens provides a real-time snapshot of one’s overall wellbeing, which allows users to experience positive and life-changing outcomes.



Benefits of Pulse Lite: The benefits are clear


  • Access to the world’s first intuitive health management solution VeoSens worth R960 per annum
  • Paid-up life insurance premium for a year to a minimum value of R3960
  • Consumers also reap the health and financial benefits through earning up to R250 000 for making healthier choices
  • Bespoke solutions for each and every consumer



How to register for 1Life Pulse Lite:


  • Purchase a Galaxy Watch Active 2 on the Samsung E-store or a participating retailer
  • Download the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App from either IOS or Galaxy Play Store
  • Pair your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to your mobile device (refer to your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Quick Start guide)
  • Activate 1Life Pulse Lite
  • Download the VeoSens App to your smartphone (available on Play Store and iStore)
  • Open your VeoSens App and follow the prompts to login and set up VeoSens on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2


These simple steps are the smart way to a better you. The power of technology to reshape lives has never been more in our own hands.


All insurance and financial services in relation to 1Life Pulse Lite is provided exclusively by 1Life Insurance Limited (“1Life”), an authorized Insurer and Financial Services Provider. Samsung is not authorized to provide any insurance or financial services on behalf of 1Life and will only provide customers with factual information of a non- financial nature. All queries relating to the product and any financial services should be directed at 1Life

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