Laundry Day Made Easy with Samsung’s Top Six Laundry Tips and Tricks

on 15-11-2017
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Read the labels to avoid shrinkage and running colours

JOHANNESBURG, South AfricaLaundry day need not be a mountain of socks in your path. Staying ahead of the pile of soiled school clothes, sweaty active wear and bolognaise-stained dress shirts, is made more manageable with Samsung’s Top Six Laundry Tips.


“When it comes to innovating and creating home appliances, Samsung makes a deliberate effort to design a variety of washing machines that are suited for all kinds of washday needs. This on-going commitment ensures that our products are tailor-made to accommodate the way South Africans do their laundry. One such innovation, is the AddWash™ washing machine,” says Mike van Lier, Samsung South Africa’s Director of Consumer Electronics.


The AddWash™ feature allows you to add a rogue sock or overlooked T-shirt to a load of laundry without having to stop the entire load. The AddWash™ door allows you to pop in hand-washed clothes that you only want to rinse or spin dry.


The Six Essential Laundry Tips and Tricks 


  1. Do Laundry More Often

If doing the laundry isn’t one of your favourite activities, rather do small bundles more frequently, instead of saving up massive wash loads to do at one time. You can also claim some of this time for yourself by listening to a podcast, audiobook or music while you wash, hang and fold your laundry.


  1. Stain Removal Wipes

Spills at meal times are par for the course, but instead of dealing with ingrained stains on laundry day, there is an easier way. Stain removal wipes can be kept in your handbag, car or office. Apply a stain removal wipe soon after a spill, this will minimise the effort on laundry day and will preserve your favourite garments.


  1. Avoid Shrinkage

Cotton fabrics can safely undergo a hot wash cycle. For everything else check the advisory labels attached. This will also help determine whether the colours need special care not to run. Always ensure that you programme your machine for a cold wash and the right setting to suit the load and the clothing you’re washing.


  1. Pre-sort Laundry into Baskets

A simple solution is to use a three- or four-bin laundry sorting system, tossing clothes into the appropriate bin from the start. Whether you are doing separate colour loads – or one person’s laundry at a time to avoid searching for all their clothing items afterwards – this is a great solution.


  1. Put Socks in Mesh Bags

Why not treat yourself to a few mesh bags – the idea is that each person puts his or her socks into a mesh bag, zips it up and tosses it in the laundry. When the bags come out of the washing machine, the socks are all together and ready to be put on the line, side-by-side.


  1. Special Care for Nylon

Wash nylon clothing every time you wear it. Nylon is hard to clean once it becomes heavily soiled. Flood any oily stains immediately after they happen with warm or hot water to prevent them from becoming permanent.


“Life is too short to worry about laundry and how to get it done efficiently. We encourage our consumers to upgrade their laundry experience with our range of efficient and innovative washing machines,” concludes Van Lier.

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