Laundry Life Hacks

on 15-11-2016
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Avoid washday disasters and optimise your washing machine
for your needs


Laundry disasters can put a serious damper on your day, like that moment when your precious mohair sweater emerges from the wash looking like an infant’s Melton jacket, or when your Egyptian linen turns a dingy grey because somebody carelessly tossed their new jeans in with the sheets. Or how about that time when the washing machine mysteriously flooded the house? But fret not, Samsung has a quick solution to all your laundry mishaps.
According to Samsung South Africa, advanced new washing machine technology is now making washday easier, cheaper and a lot safer for your expensive clothing. “Life is too short and time is too crucial for consumers to arrive home only to worry about laundry and how to get it done efficiently,” says Michael McKechnie, Divisional Head: Digital Appliance Group at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “We encourage our consumers to upgrade their laundry experience with our range of efficient and innovative washing machines.”
Along with its new technology, there are a few washday hacks you need to know that will help you get the best out of your washing machine and avoid future washday disasters:


Pre-empt the flood


Install the washing machine correctly, ensuring that it is levelled and properly connected to the inlet and outlet pipes. One unreliable connection can result in a high pressure spill all over the floor. In case you haven’t read the manual (and who has the time?), most washing machines have a lint filter inside the machine or even cunningly hidden behind a screw-in panel down one side. Find it and clean it out regularly, or risk an unexpected deluge.


Avoid the big shrink


Basically, only cotton can safely undergo a hot wash cycle. For everything else: check the advisory labels attached. Always ensure that you programme your machine for a cold wash and the right level of agitation to suit the load and the clothing you’re washing.


Treat your laundry with love


If you’ve ever ruined underwear by getting them stretched and entangled with other clothing, or found snags in your delicate silk and satin: rethink your strategy. When you’re washing delicates – make use of the delicate setting on your machine. Check the machine drum for rust, damage or large water extraction holes that could snag your washing. Use specialised net washing bags to keep your delicate clothing from becoming tangled.


The dreaded colour run


Avoid colour run by carefully sorting laundry by colour and washing on a cool cycle to protect fabric. Should you accidentally dye your white items pink or grey, check the detergent aisle of your local supermarket for specialised colour run remover. And to keep your whites whiter: avoid using too much detergent. It can leave laundry looking dull and dirty.
“When it comes to innovating and creating home appliances, Samsung makes a deliberate effort to design a variety of washing machines that are suited for all kinds of washday needs. This on-going commitment ensures that our products are tailor-made to accommodate the way South Africans need to do their laundry,” McKechnie concludes.

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