MBA students inspired by Samsung Electronics

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It was a day of inspiration and learning for the group of 19 MBA students who toured and were hosted by Samsung South Africa on 15 November 2017.


Samsung Electronics South Africa headquarters


The lecture has been one of many initiatives by Samsung in creating interventions with SA universities. Our objective is to help people have new experiences and discover new possibilities everyday – driven by an unyielding passion for excellence—and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best products and services on the market.


The students were treated to a business lecture by Sung Yoon, President of Samsung South & Southern Africa. It was evident that Sung Yoon, a MBA graduate himself, has a soft spot for bright talent. He told the students, he wants to inspire young, talented people, but that it’s more about attitude and passion and what you are able to contribute to the economy and to make a positive change to the communities where we operate.




Sung Yoon took the students through the history of Samsung, from its humble beginnings in 1939 and the extraordinary innovation that’s been the backbone of the company’s rise to one of the world’s favourite brands.


Numerous well-thought-out questions were asked about strategy and future technology, which created opportunities for in-depth discussion about the core of business practises. The answers were both informative and entertaining and Sung Yoon spoke about a future where everything will be connected through Samsung   products and strategic partnerships.


After just over an hour of intense discussion, students took the opportunity to be photographed with  Sung Yoon and to chat with him individually.


image of the students

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