Meet The Frame, a TV Designed for Your Space

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This is The Frame. It’s not just a TV.

The artistic addition to the 2017 Samsung TV lineup is more than just a TV. It’s Samsung’s The Frame, which not only provides the picture quality you expect from a Samsung UHD TV, but brings a personal touch wherever it’s placed, as it comes with a wide range of artwork available to display—or your own photos.


The Frame is different from your everyday TV in more ways than just its artistic tendencies, too. It’s gorgeous to look at—on or off. So instead of adjusting the decor to the TV or trying to hide it away in a cabinet when it’s not in use, The Frame looks and hangs just like a real frame, so it enhances your interior. But make no mistake, it is a TV.


In fact, the Frame is a 4K UHD TV, ensuring that what you see on screen comes through clearly and with vibrant, stunning color. Not only will movies and TV shows have brilliant hues, your art will too.


Samsung’s The Frame on the Samsung Art Mode displaying different images


The Frame will change how TV fits into your lifestyle

When you turn on The Frame for the first time, you experience the stunning picture quality of a Samsung 4K UHD TV. But tap the power button, and suddenly it’s a painting from your favorite artist. This is Samsung Art Mode, and on The Frame, it adds value and personality to the room. Simply select an artwork or photograph from the Samsung Collection or the Art Store.


This membership allows you to enjoy artwork from famous galleries and museums from around the world, including SAATCHI ART, The Albertina, Magnum Photos, and more. So you can find artwork that can subtly (or dramatically) change your interior to your taste. Not to mention that with a variety of genres to choose from, whether you want photography or paintings, or abstract or landscapes, you’ll find old favorites and discover new pieces.


The Samsung Collection is included with The Frame and has a range of 100 beautiful pieces from 37 different artists to put on display. So right out of the box, you have a wide choice of stunning art that you can browse through. And if you want more choice, you can check out the Art Store, which offers a membership service that grants you access to an even wider art collection.


And personalizing The Frame isn’t only about choosing your favorite artists’ works to show on screen. You can add your own personal touch, as well. By plugging in a USB or uploading from your smartphone, you can display your own photos on The Frame’s large screen.* So that new family portrait you want to show off to anyone and everyone?


You can do so on The Frame. And for an even more custom display, you’re able to adjust the way the art or your photographs are displayed with a range of mat layout and color options. You can arrange and rearrange to find the display you like best.





* Some USB flash drives or smartphones may not be compatible with The Frame.

The gap is measured from the back of the TV and may differ based on the installation and wall type.

The ‘Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV or cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.

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