Q9000 Air Conditioner Keeps your Home Cool and Clean

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The stylish, slender design also offers mood lighting

Newly sprung blossoms and freshly sprouted green leaves are signalling the end of winter and we will soon be overwhelmed by the heat and humidity of a South African summer. Cooling solutions are essential to make the season and especially the December break more bearable, but the variety of choices often leave us defeated. The Samsung Q9000, which is the pinnacle of Room Airconditioning Products, provides cooling and heating to approximately 55m² of space. Ideally positioned for large open-plan living or commercial environments. With all the advanced technologies – such as Smart Inverter, three-stage filtering systems and multiple comfort control settings – the Samsung Q9000 delivers the best in class.


The Q9000’s straight lines are aesthetically pleasing and it offers maximum functionality. Its stylish silhouette design – standing 1.948m tall, with a width of 36cm and a depth of 26cm – creates a modern and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. Its compact, elegant body makes it easy to find space for it in your home.


When the independent fan is on, it is surrounded by an attractive, ice-blue coloured mood lighting, suffusing your home with a softly nuanced glow. The front-facing, independent triple fans provide optimum cooling and energy efficiency with a maximum cooling speed that is significantly higher than standard air conditioners, achieving 13m of air throw.


Three powerful, spiral airflows, created by the jet engine mechanism, cool your home quickly and efficiently, converting your space into a cool and comfortable haven in the blink of an eye. The Q9000 offers the flexibility of various types of cooling settings to suit different activities, with three separate fans that can be operated independently or simultaneously.


This cooling option will not send your electricity bill skyrocketing as it makes use of a Smart Inverter Compressor which adjusts its speed in response to the surrounding temperature. By running only at the speed that is needed, it reduces the amount of electricity that is expended.


Air conditioners are known for harbouring harmful contaminants and bacteria but the Q9000 comes complete with the patented Virus Doctor air purifying technology, which neutralises these and turns them into harmless water vapour. The magic film filter uses a magnet mechanism to keep the air clean and healthy, without missing even the tiniest particles of dust, allowing you to refresh a large space in a flash. Your home is also safeguarded from the bacteria and mould caused by high humidity with the built-in dehumidifier.


The Q9000 will keep the air in your home cool, safe and easy to breathe this summer while adding beauty.

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