Reduce Your Energy Costs This Winter With Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioners

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 09 June 2021 – South African summers are hot, really hot. That’s why we usually associate this season with air conditioners. However, winter always seems to sneak up on us and only then do we remember that a good air conditioner can give us that much-needed warm relief from the sudden cold. Samsung’s Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner has been designed with this very need in mind, and fortunately for South Africans the need to curb high energy costs has also been factored in.



Because energy saving is a real worry for many, Samsung works tirelessly to make its appliances more energy efficient. This is especially helpful in South Africa where electricity costs are constantly rising. The fact is, knowing that your air conditioner is working around the clock can naturally lead to concerns about high electricity bills and even your home’s environmental footprint.


Here’s 3 ways a Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner helps reduce your energy costs:


  • The inverter technology slows down once your desired temperature is achieved – meaning energy consumption is significantly reduced1.
  • Its fan is 15% bigger than conventional fans with a 18% wider inlet and 31% wider blade so warm air is dispersed further and wider into every corner of the room to keep you warm during winter.
  • It effortlessly monitors your energy consumption and controls your comfort levels through the Smart Things App on your mobile phone, wherever you are.


Ultimately, the Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner is designed to make your home a cosier place to be without the worry of escalating electricity costs. Keeping in mind how appliance usage can impact the environment, Samsung strives to make all of its devices, including its air conditioners, more energy-efficient and sustainable for the future. Together, this provides maximum comfort at minimum cost, while also having a positive impact on our environment. It’s enough to give you a warm feeling both inside and out.


Further good news is that you can save even more, as Samsung is offering up to 30% off selected air conditioner model ranges including the AR9500, AR7500, AR4500 and AR3000. This special offer is valid until 30 June 20212.



1 Tested on the AR09TXCAAWKNEU model compared with the Samsung conventional model AQ09TSLXEA

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