Relive Your Holiday in Brilliant Colour and Reduce Stress Levels

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When the last grains of sand are shaken out of your shoes and it’s time to go back to work, don’t let your holiday memories fade.



The mass exodus from city centres towards the seaside, bush or campsites over the December break creates ideal moments to capture and treasure. But with the mad rush into the new year, sometimes the fabulous holiday memories dissolve under stress and busyness. A recent study showed that reminiscing can reduce stress levels significantly. Dr Mauricio Delgardo and Megan Speer, who published the study in the Natural Human Behaviour journal are quoted as saying, “’When uncontrolled, psychological stress can drive us far from a desirable state, (but) enhancing positive feelings by reminiscing about the past may be one way to bring us back.”


All those wonderful videos you took on holiday, whether they’re exquisite sunsets, intricate surfboard stunts or something outrageously silly that would get 1,000 likes on YouTube, deserve the right TV to play them back; especially if you want to get the most stress-busting benefits out of your reminiscing. For ultra-enhanced memories, a QLED TV will ensure your memories are re-played in sensational colour and detail. The QLED TVs intelligent colour volume evaluates the way colours look in the real world when different levels of light are applied to them – meaning that no matter what time of day or what the light conditions are, your holiday memories remain vibrantly real. QLED TVs can express a vast range or colour – from primary colours to achromatic colours, vividly and accurately.


“Utilising new Quantum Dot metals, QLED TVs offer outstanding colour volume, pinpoint colour accuracy, improved brightness and the deepest blacks on an active display. These attributes equate to an unmatched picture quality,” says Mike van Lier, Director Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Southern Africa.


The range of QLED TVs available in South Africa have launched a new era of television picture performance and will ensure you can relive your holiday and reduce stress levels well into the future with astounding colour brilliance. Your beautiful memories will likely motivate you to make more, which means not only will your stress levels be reduced from reliving your holidays, you’ll have additional activities to watch and reminisce about.




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