Samsung Electronics Wins 42 Awards at the International Design Excellence Awards 2022

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Samsung received two Golds, five Silvers, and one Bronze award, as well as 34 Finalists for innovative design solutions that elevate consumer lifestyles and experience


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 12 October 2022Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the win of 42 2022 (IDEA 2022).


IDEA is a design awards programme held by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), founded in 1980, to acknowledge achievements in industrial design. This year, IDEA has chosen winners in 20 categories, including Home, Consumer Technology, Digital Interaction and Design Strategy. Key criteria for evaluation also include Design Innovation, Benefit to User, Benefit to Society and more.


Samsung’s product design reflects the company’s changing values and innovative technology. The interactive, region-specific and advanced designs were recognised to be progressive and diverse.


“It is important to provide an optimised experience for changing consumer values and lifestyles,” said Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President at Corporate Design Centre in Samsung Electronics. “We will constantly strive to provide sustainable experiences with creative innovations for our customers.”


Bespoke Won Two Golds for its Customisable Designs and User Experiences that fits different lifestyles



  • The Bespoke US Kitchen Package (Bespoke US Kitchen Package & Bespoke FDR RF8000B), a home appliance package including refrigerator, oven-range, microwave and dishwasher available in the North America region, was one of two Gold award winners. Based on the Bespoke philosophy that caters to the preference of users, the package provides an integrated design experience that emphasises harmony in the kitchen space.
  • The design of the 4-door (French door) refrigerator, newly launched in North America, maximises convenience for consumers as it comes with replaceable door panels that owners can choose according to their preferences and lifestyles. The Beverage Centre, built into the interior to minimise contamination, stores clean and purified water, and the Dual Auto Ice Maker quickly makes Cubed Ice and smaller Ice Bites.


The Bespoke Jet™, the cordless stick vacuum with an all-in-one Clean Station™, has also won the Gold award for its excellence in design. It offers a unique experience that covers the whole process from cleaning and disposal to storage.


After placing the vacuum on the Clean Station™, users can empty the dust bin with a simple press of a button, keeping the home area and air fresh and clean from dust. The all-in-one design of the Bespoke Jet ensures convenience that also looks great to match any living space.


A wide range of Samsung Products Achieved Five Silver Awards and One Bronze Award for their Advanced Designs 

The Galaxy Tab S8, out of the Silver awarded, has been highlighted for its slimmest, lightest, but strongest body yet, combined with the largest 14.6-inch AMOLED display. The expansive display is protected by the Armor Aluminium frame, allowing the device to be scratch-resistant and less prone to bending. The tablet also features a dedicated S Pen charging pad on the back of the device that is seamlessly integrated with the camera housing for a satisfying design experience.



Another Silver winner was the Galaxy Upcycling at Home, a program that gives new life to older Galaxy smartphones by repurposing them into Internet of Things (IoT) devices with a simple software update. Through the SmartThings app, users can repurpose unused smartphones into convenient smart home devices such as a childcare monitor or a pet care. In addition, other Silver awards went to:



  • Samsung India Keyboard, which provides an optimised smartphone keyboard experience that supports faster & easier typing in 29 Indian languages.



  • Cook Sensor, which helps you cook your favourite food much more easily by connecting the Samsung Induction Cooktop to the SmartThings Kitchen Service.
  • Samsung Air Hood, a concept design that combines the functions of hood, air conditioner and air purifier to help improve the cooking environment in the kitchens of Southwest Asia.


The Bronze award was given to the Galaxy Z Flip3 case, which provides a variety of options to customise the phone using a ring or a colourful strap.


Awards, including two Golds, five Silvers, one Bronze and 34 finalists, at the International Design Excellence Awards.

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