Samsung-Float partnership to offer SA consumers flexible & responsible ways to purchase goods & services online

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Buy now & pay in up to 6 monthly instalments using your available credit limit. No interest or fees. No applications. No new credit. No-brainer.


Samsung has partnered with Float – an instalment payment platform that splits purchases on your credit card into interest-free, fee-free monthly instalments – to offer South African consumers a flexible and responsible way to purchase goods and services online, without having to pay the full amount upfront.


Buy now pay later services gained popularity in South Africa, when financial pressures on consumers – brought on by the challenging COVID period – started growing exponentially over the years. With Float’s new instalment payment technology, Samsung customers can enjoy their purchases today and use the available limit on their credit card to pay in bite-size instalments of up to 6-months, without ever needing to take on new credit.


Float allows consumers to choose the number of interest-free, monthly instalments that suit them – giving them all the time in the world to manage their credit card payments, without being charged any interest or fees. Unlike other financing options, Float does not issue consumers with any new credit – it simply helps them to use their existing credit in a smart manner. With this new and convenient service, consumers will now be able to enjoy all the perks of their credit card in a more responsible way than ever possible before.


Astrud Meintjes, Head of eCommerce, at Samsung South Africa said: “As a customer-centric company, we are always looking for solutions that respond to our customers’ evolving needs. This partnership with Float allows us the opportunity to provide South African consumers with a simple and absolute shopping experience on their terms.”, in conjunction with Float, is taking consumer’s existing Visa or Mastercard credit card further with this payment service that works a bit like a budget facility; however, it is interest-free – always.


Alex Forsyth-Thompson, CEO of Float said: “Our partnership with the iconic Samsung brand is a significant milestone in our mission to help make exceptional products and services more accessible to South African consumers. Float’s innovative instalment payment technology is designed to provide some much-needed relief to a consumer under pressure, by helping them to use their existing credit in the smartest way possible. It also gives Samsung the tools to increase their conversions and basket sizes. It’s an exciting opportunity and we hope to accelerate the growth of Samsung in South Africa.”


And there’s more! Because consumers are using their existing credit, there are no applications and no credit checks whatsoever. And the cherry on top? They continue to earn their Samsung Rewards points and credit card rewards points. With thousands of Samsung products featured here – consumers can now have the convenience of shopping for their choice of smartphones, TVs, home appliances and more – and then pay all of it later.



Samsung proudly supports Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030.



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