Samsung hosts media to introduce them to the latest products and technology in home appliances  

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Samsung hosts media to introduce them to the latest products and technology in home appliances


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 18 October 2022 – Samsung hosted a lunch and interactive session for members of the media at their head office’s Experience Centre in Bryanston. The purpose of the event was to introduce journalists to the company’s home appliances and get them acquainted with some of the standout technological innovations and features that make them special.


Samsung South Africa’s Home Appliances Lead, Mark Mackay and his team played host to the journalists and gave them a tour of the Experience Centre, which houses a collection of the latest Samsung products from mobile to entertainment as well as home appliances.


The interactive lunch session kicked off with Mackay setting the tone and sharing with the guests Samsung’s vision of enhancing the quality of life for consumers through their products. He said the South African market for premium home appliances has been growing rapidly in recent times. “Two of the key driving components of this segment have been performance and personalisation. At Samsung, we have responded to this the best way we know how and upped our game in terms of the innovative features that our products offer.”


The guests were introduced to some of the innovation and exceptional technological features found in the latest refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air-conditioners, air dressers and washing machines etc.

Mackay spoke about Samsung’s BESPOKE and highlighted that for products of this standard, consumers should be able to have them in the shape or form that they choose. “We have placed personal taste at the centre of our products because there shouldn’t be any reason two consumers find themselves with the exact same product. We listened and responded and the result is that our consumers can now tailor their appliances, be they kitchen, cleaning or laundry, to their own individual tastes and preferences.”


With a fridge for instance, a customer can choose how they want both the form and function to be. In other words, what they want the outside to look like and the colours of the panels used and the functions inside, in terms of the fridge’s set up.


Mackay talked about one of the features and reasons why Samsung appliances perform efficiently – Digital Inverter Technology (DIT). “DIT is the innovative technology that we put into our appliances to make them perform efficiently and reduce energy consumption. The secret lies in the inverter, which is responsible for controlling the speed of the appliance’s motor. Whether it’s the cooling adjustments needed in your fridge to keep your food fresh for longer or the washing or drying of your clothes in the washing machine, DIT is the technology that makes our products energy and cost-efficient. Just how confident are we in this technology? We give a 10-year guarantee on it,” said Mackay.


For more information on all the home appliances, visit Explore Our Home Appliances | Samsung South Africa


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