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Samsung Introduces New BESPOKE Refrigerator and Premium Built-in Lineup at IFA 2019

on 29-08-2019

The new premium built-in line-up features sleek design and cutting-edge innovation



JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 29 August, 2019 Samsung opens a new era of kitchen design with its new BESPOKE refrigerator line-up and the first product in its new premium built-in line-up—the Dual Cook Steam oven.


“Many Samsung customers have a preference for built-in style kitchens and a desire to reflect the family’s identity and personal taste in their interior design,” said Cambridge Mokanyane, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung South Africa. “We are excited to see how Samsung’s new lifestyle innovations of quality craftsmanship and innovations such as the BESPOKE satisfy the unique needs of each household.”


Catering to personal tastes with BESPOKE


Samsung’s BESPOKE line-up is a new category of refrigerators that allows users to set up their kitchen in a customised style, much like built-in appliances. They are kitchen-fit, meaning they can fit into most contemporary kitchens seamlessly while maintaining the built-in look which is a whole new category option in the market.


The new BESPOKE refrigerator line-up incorporates a modular design and offers 8 different types, ranging from 1-door to 4-door units. With the ability to configure BESPOKE in many ways, consumers can enjoy the flexibility of tailoring their fridge to their lifestyle and design needs.


Consumers can also create kitchen space that is uniquely their own. For the front panel, consumers can choose from three different materials—cotta metal, satin glass, and glam glass—and multiple colour options. Cotta is available in Charcoal, White, and Mint, while the popular Satin Glass comes in matte colours of Grey, Navy, Coral, and Yellow. Glam glass offers a glossy finish in either white or pink. In addition to the colour and finish, consumers can also choose overall interior design concept they want.


More built-in offerings for consumers


Samsung is also preparing a new premium built-in kitchen line-up for Europe in 2020 that includes an oven, hood integrated induction, dishwasher and refrigerator. Its traditional yet bold, simple but daring design, along with its outstanding functionality, will capture the consumer’s attention.


The first product in the line-up, to be unveiled at IFA 2019, is the Dual Cook Steam oven. It boasts a modern design that provides outstanding flexibility with multi-cooking abilities. The oven is aligned vertically and incorporates textured surfaces with a new user interface that adds a new level of design intrigue. And with its Dual Cook Steam feature, it can simultaneously cook with convection in one compartment and with steam in the other. Both the BESPOKE refrigerator and the new premium line-up of built-in appliances are available in Satin Glass material, with a texture that is chic, anti-glare, and blends into any space for a beautiful ambient look. This effect is even more noticeable when a Satin Glass BESPOKE and the new built-in appliances are placed side-by-side.


Both the BESPOKE Lineup and the Dual Cook Steam oven can be experienced in the Berlin City Cube at IFA between September 6 and September 11.

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