Samsung Relaunches Samsung Service Centre Impacted by KZN Looting

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Samsung Relaunches Samsung Service Centre

Impacted by KZN Looting


Revamped and reloaded, the store has enhanced the customer experience even more


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 29 July 2022 – In July 2021 the Samsung Customer Service Centre in Riverhorse Valley was one of many businesses impacted by the looting in KZN. Due to the severe damage, Samsung had to look for new premises in order to re-build. This is why the company is proud to announce that the redesigned location is now open. Ready to once again service its many customers in the area, the Customer Service Centre has been reimagined to reflect its commitment to an enhanced level of customer care.



“Samsung made its intentions clear in the aftermath of the looting including the minimising of job losses and joining the call to #RebuildSouthAfrica. Working together, our people have overcome the impact of the unprecedented disruption to business by focussing on a relocation and rebuild that reflects our ever-evolving innovation in providing enhanced customer service and peace of mind. We are enjoying welcoming back customers, who we can once again can support with our professional expertise, “said Paul Croll, Director of Customer Service at Samsung South Africa.



Samsung also announced the exciting launch of its Mobile Eco Repair service, which offers reduced costs on phone and screen repairs using a pioneering process that has limited impact on the environment – in line with its larger sustainability and e-waste efforts. This service is available to all Samsung customers.


The cutting-edge service centre is fully dedicated to making sure your Samsung product gets the care and attention it deserves through efficient updates and repairs. The Wi-Fi enabled centre also welcomes those wanting to update their knowledge on new Samsung products. Sanjay Bhagat’s Customer Service Centre’s team of internationally trained Samsung technicians are fully ready to help ensure that every visit is an incredible experience.



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