Samsung’s Extraordinary Mobile Service Keeps Users Connected

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With mobile phones becoming essential tools for everyday life, it’s vital to ensure repairs can be done quickly and effectively

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 19 March 2018 – When mobile phones were first introduced, many users didn’t quite know how to integrate them into their daily lives. The world was set up to be more in-person and land-line based. But, it didn’t take long for people to become reliant on the anytime, anywhere convenience of a mobile phone. But even the most innovative users of the first mobile phones probably didn’t envision that they would one day be an essential tool for modern life. Using a phone for mere phone calls or messaging has given way to using smartphones for everything from online shopping, creating work documents and connecting to social platforms, to navigation and photography.


Choosing the right phone for your daily needs shouldn’t be a difficult choice and Samsung users have a great advantage over any other cell phone users – they’re completely covered by a highly customer-centred service. Life happens and with phones almost constantly in-hand, damage to a device is almost a given, whether from being dropped or some other accident.


Samsung Mobile Care (SMC) is on offer to users of SMC devices (this includes the Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9 and S9+) who register for the plan on the Samsung Rewards Platform. It offers users two screen replacements within a 24-month period, limited to one repair every 12 months. There’s also a free battery replacement with each screen repair. Once registered with SMC, users won’t have to fill out any forms and will enjoy quick and easy assistance.


Richard Chetty, Africa Services Director for Samsung South Africa, says, “We know that life happens and no matter how careful you are with your phone, screens can break, even though we’ve integrated Super AMOLED glass screen and phones are far more robust now. The SMC service is something we’re offering to customers to ensure they can stay connected and get on with their lives without hassle.”


To register for SMC, customers can download the Samsung Rewards App from the Google Play Store or the Samsung App Store. Once registered, users will be contacted by the sales team who will explain the product and confirm that cover is required. Users must register within 30 days of purchasing their new device.


Enhancing the service offering, Samsung also launched their Mobile Repair Vans, allowing customers to have their devices repaired where they are – whether at home or in the office. All users need to do is log their device concerns with the service centre on 0860 726 7864, where after a service partner will be dispatched to do the repairs, including device set up, wireless connections, software upgrades and registration of new Samsung products. Users who are SMC registered will get this extraordinary service without the nominal service fee.


“There are numerous advantages to being a Samsung customer – from the incredibly convenient Smart Switch offering, where you can seamlessly move data from one device to another, including calendar appointments, photographs and apps – to the premium service packages on offer,” concludes Chetty.

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