Shinning the Spotlight On the Women of Samsung South Africa

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Samsung celebrates women empowerment this Women’s Month by highlighting the value that Female-employees add to the Samsung family.


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 30 August 2022 – Every year, in August, South Africa celebrates Women’s Month, and pay tribute to more than 20 000 women of all races and ages that marched to the Union Building on 9 August 1956, in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. The South African government has recently called for the country to celebrate Women’s Month in recognition of Women’s Rights and to usher in a future of equality, which Samsung has thrown in its full support for.



This Women’s Month, Samsung put some of their female-employee’s front and center in celebration of the role of females within the organization. In an effort to highlight the incredible value that each female Samsung employee has added to the company, certain female employees were paired up together in front of a camera to share their personal experiences and converse about the lessons they’ve learned and the wisdom they’ve gained throughout their careers.



Over the years, the company  has created various platforms including Samsung Women in Dialogue series, the Women Technical Programme and Women in Samsung Electronics (WISE) – intended to encourage discussions around gender equality, change the male-dominated landscape of the electronics industry and ensure that women contribute greatly to the country’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) objectives.



Samsung also decided to give one of their male leaders the chance to introduce the conversations so that not only women were celebrating women, but that men were celebrating and acknowledging women too. When the cameras started rolling, Samsung Consumer Electronics Director, Mike van Lier, described what an incredible privilege it is to have strong and driven women being part of the Samsung team, and how each female member brings new, fresh ideas to the company, creates a conducive and motivating dynamic to each department. Further inspires a more inclusive and diverse Samsung culture that allows for more meaningful opportunities for women in the workspace.



The atmosphere on set was charged with excitement and laughter as each pair stepped into the spotlight. In addition, while keeping the focus on the purpose of each interview – the celebration of women empowerment – Samsung’s ladies-of-honor showcased why Samsung will always celebrate women, stand by women empowerment, and why having women in the workplace is essential for company growth.


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