The Inner Life of Quantum Dots Part 1: Lifelike Color on a Big Screen TV

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John and Mary are a couple. They have been shopping around for a new big screen TV and have finally chosen a Samsung SUHD TV based largely on its amazing Quantum dot color abilities. John is a big sports fan and loves watching all the big matches of the season on a bigger TV display. Mary gets into her favorite TV series and can be found racking up her viewing hours whenever there’s a chance to sit back and relax. But they both look forward to the times they’ll have to snuggle up together on the couch and watch a good movie on their new big screen TV. The thing is, it’s not just John & Mary in this story. They’ve also found three new little buddies, the Quantum dot brothers, who regularly venture out from the Quantum dot TV display, and want to help them get the most Quantum dot color magic out of their new SUHD TV.



How the Quantum dots in SUHD TV work

The Quantum dots in their SUHD TV are a relatively new discovery. Back in the 1980s scientists began experimenting with nanoparticles and discovered that by adjusting the size of the Quantum dot particles that they could in effect render different colors across the spectrum with extremely high precision. And so it has been applied to TV technology. When the light source hits a Quantum dot in the SUHD TV display some of the energy is absorbed and then re-emitted as a longer wavelength dependent on the size of the particle. The resulting colors are incredibly pure so the images that appear on their big screen TV are wonderfully vibrant, all thanks to our Quantum dots brothers working diligently together.



Vivid & vibrant–Quantum dot color

By adjusting the size of our tiny Quantum dot particle friends, a billion different colors can be expressed for more realistic images on John and Mary’s big screen TV. What’s more, their SUHD TV utilizes 10-bit panels for 64 times the color expression of conventional 8-bit panel TVs—a much greater range of colors than what you’re used to seeing on 8-bit panel TV displays. Like both Red and Mary said, the resulting images are vivid and vibrant!
Our friends the Quantum dot brothers can certainly can express an incredible range of colors to deliver stunning images on the SUHD TV but they also have a few other tricks up their sleeves. Stay tuned to find out more about the many talents of the Quantum dot brothers in the next installment of our story.

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