The Inner Life of Quantum Dots Part 2: A Home Cinema Experience for Night and Day

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Home is where the heart is. And the abode you live in is a great place to build and enjoy your very own Quantum dot home cinema. John and Mary’s Quantum dot TV has already delivered a lot of different kinds viewing—from sports to dramas and beyond—and it performs great under any lighting conditions thanks to a number of advanced features including Ultra Black and HDR 1000. Particularly for optimized daytime viewing, Ultra Black and HDR 1000 work in tandem reducing ambient light reflection and controlling maximum brightness so the images you see on your TV can be experienced in a fashion closer to the original conception of the director. And what’s more, they aid in maintaining marital bliss. See what happened that day when John and Mary had conflicting plans.




Ultra Black reduces reflections

Just like a moth’s eye, by absorbing the ambient light that shines onto the TV from external sources, unwanted reflections on the screen are minimized. At the same time, Samsung’s exclusive Ultra Black technology lets the light from the TV images pass through so you see only the light you should be seeing. John & Mary now experience clearer daytime viewing on their Quantum dot TV. But that’s not all a Quantum dot powered home cinema brings to the viewing party.




HDR 1000 helps maximize image clarity in various lighting conditions

HDR 1000 harnesses the Quantum dot TV‘s greatly expressive range of contrast to bring viewers impressive images with deeper contrast between light and dark colors, more so than TV screens in the past were capable of. HDR 1000 is the Quantum dot TV’s technology that makes blacks look deeply dark and whites vibrantly bright, letting you see the details that matter. Being HDR 1000 capable means the Quantum dot TV is incredibly bright with the ability to produce images at up to 1000 nits. And it’s that difference in brightness and contrast that helps the Quantum dot brothers bring superb images to the big screen of John and Mary’s home cinema in varying lighting conditions—both during the day and the night.




Calibration functions to suit your lighting condition

Even though their Quantum dot TV can automatically optimize its Quantum dot’s incredible range of color and contrast for spectacular clarity of images in different lighting environments, it’s the advanced calibration settings that help John and Mary get even more out of their Quantum dot TV. From the Picture Mode or Expert Settings menu, our happy couple can access Movie and Dynamic modes that help customize the way the Quantum dot screen performs. And that means images are optimized to come to life regardless of the content type and ambient light conditions typically experienced at home.




Night and day, the Quantum dot TV is the one for your home cinema

Quantum dot TV and the clever Quantum dot brothers are really helping to level the playing field between daytime and nighttime viewing. The pesky reflections and problems arising from lack of contrast control are no longer a thing! But can our clever little Quantum dot friends go the distance? Be sure to join John, Mary and the Quantum dot brothers in the next installment of this series to find out about their outstanding longevity!

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