The Inner Life of Quantum Dots Part 3 A Long, Happy Life with the Quantum Dot TV

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When John and Mary first bought their beloved Quantum dot TV (and met the Quantum dot brothers), they checked reputable TV buying guide websites seeking reliable information that helped them choose the Quantum dot TV.


Still, they didn’t know just how extraordinary the Quantum dot TV was going to be. It’s a few years on now but they still enjoy all their Quantum dot TV has to offer and have learned to get the most out of the different available TV display settings suited to their viewing habits. The big thing they’ve discovered is that Quantum dot TV’s Quantum dot technology with UHD upscaling and user setting options makes for a TV that goes the distance. And Quantum dot TV’s superior longevity all starts at the Quantum dot level.




Quantum dots go the distance

These Quantum dots are durable. Being inorganic, they are more resistant to oxidation than organic substances. When the Quantum dot brothers were produced—as with all their relatives found in Quantum dot TV displays—they had a quad-layer coat applied to them that ensures they maintain stability over the course of their life. Quantum dots maintain excellent picture quality year after year, especially in regards to consistent of white balance and the brightness and vibrancy of the various colors they produce.



Upscales and gives life to your favorite content, old and new

The Quantum dot TV can even make sure your favorite TV shows and movies never get old. That’s thanks to the Remastering Engine—one of the Quantum dot TV’s advanced features that upscales non-UHD content to UHD level resolution.1 The impressive picture quality that arrives on your Quantum dot TV display is the result of technology that employs 4 stages of signal analysis and optimization. Even your old favorite TV shows, movies and games will look better than ever—now and into the future.


Quantum dots look forward to a brighter future with HDR+

John and Mary’s 2016 Quantum dot TV was automatically upgraded with the latest HDR+ firmware update, becoming ready to further enhance the already high picture quality and stay at the leading edge of image quality. Both Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content look better than ever once HDR+ goes to work to enhance brightness and contrast. Simply put, it brings out whiter whites and brings out the fine details even in the darker shadows. Who knew the Quantum dot brothers would just keep getting better?




Quantum dots for a healthy TV display and a healthy planet

Quantum dots do their best to stay healthy so it’s unlikely John and Mary will have screen burn-in problems over the course of their Quantum dot TV’s life.2 Quantum dots are not as susceptible to screen burn-in as other materials found in displays made of organic materials. That means a longer TV display lifespan and creates the possibility of enjoying excellent picture quality for years to come. And it follows that keeping a TV for longer means less wasted resources which is better for the environment. Consider another important fact—the Quantum dots inside the Quantum dot TV have been carefully engineered and manufactured to be free of the toxic heavy metal, cadmium. It can be said in confidence that our little cadmium-free Quantum dot TV-dwelling Quantum dot friends aren’t going to harm the environment or the humans in it.


And so we come to the end of our sneak peek into the Quantum dot TV viewing lives of John and Mary. With some kind assistance from the ever-cordial Quantum dot brothers, we’ve discovered a whole lot about the incredible world of Quantum dots and why the Samsung Quantum dot TV is a serious contender when considering a new TV for your home—especially if you’re looking for a TV that will be with you for years to come. With its massive range of incredibly vibrant colors, versatility in different lighting conditions and long lifespan, this isn’t just a TV—it’s a life partner.


1Picture quality may vary based on original source feed.

2Burn-in is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display caused by cumulative effects of displaying the same image or scene for long periods of time.

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