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The Samsung Flip is your new boardroom bestie

on 07-12-2018

Nail your next presso


Call a meeting with your boss right now: the age of lumpy white boards and rickety flipcharts is over. The new Samsung Fl!p is a digital life-changer, her to slay the boardroom. Think of it as a white board-sized tablet, designed to simplify and enrich your boardroom presentations and brainstorm sessions.


Benefits are real- and there are plenty

The high-quality displays comes with a stylus that allows you to add notes and markup the presentation you’re giving. a Wi-Fi connection makes it possible to share content with others in the meeting who’re using laptops, tablets or smartphones. Any notes you’ve made are shared via e-mail and can be downloaded to a USB. And the device is mounted on a stand with wheels, making it easy to move around.

Your new colleague

Where traditional brainstorm and presentation methods can feel like a drag, the Samsung Fl!p functions as a productive extra person in the room. It’s eager to help, using its smart sensor to turn on when it senses your presence. It’s almost like it’s saying, ‘Hey girl, what are we doing today?’


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