The Samsung Odyssey G7 Monitor Range: Optimised for Gamers

on 08-09-2020
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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 08 September 2020 It goes without saying that for any gamer in South Africa, experienced or new, having a PC that can keep up with the precision and control fundamental to today’s gaming experiences is of utmost importance.


A key part of this is having a monitor that offers the visual acuity required by today’s high-definition gaming style. Samsung Electronics’ new gaming monitor, the Odyssey G7, has been optimised to provide the best gaming experience possible; Samsung Newsroom tried out the Odyssey G7 range – comprised of a 27-inch Odyssey G7 monitor and a 32-inch Odyssey G7 monitor – to learn more.


A Sleek Design With Full Customisability



The Odyssey G7 possesses the sleek, sophisticated design characteristic of today’s gaming equipment. The front bezel has been designed with a dynamic curved shape, and if a user turns the monitor, circular lighting on the back of the device emits a subtle blue light.


The monitor’s design can also suit any user, regardless of their height or gaming preferences, as users can adjust the height of the monitor via its stand for utmost comfort and convenience when gaming. Users will find that thanks to the Odyssey G7’s slim stand, even intense gaming sessions with lots of mouse movement will remain comfortable.


No More Lag


In order to ensure you can make that winning move when gaming, your monitor needs to have a fast response time and high refresh rate to ensure you never miss the opportunity for victory. If the response time is low, your mouse’s actions will be delayed; however, the Odyssey G7’s super-fast response time of 1ms(GTG) allows for the instantaneous application of mouse commands.


When it comes to games that are graphic-intense or include a lot of character movement, a gamer’s worst nightmare is the appearance of afterimages onscreen that can get in the way of successful gameplay. This is no problem for users of the Odyssey G7, which possesses a high screen refresh rate of 240Hz, meaning that gamers can enjoy smooth transitions and complete control over their gaming experiences.


A Totally Immersive Experience



Whether your focus is on a multi-player or single-player game, total immersion in your game is a key factor in helping you play your best. The Odyssey G7 monitor features a curved QLED panel with the world’s first maximum curvature of 1000R which means, whether you are looking at the centre or the edge of the screen, you have a consistent field of view.


Reducing Eye Strain



Today’s games offer players immersive experiences and longevity – meaning that there is nothing quite as enjoyable as a long gaming session. But a long time sat at a screen can result in discomfort and visual fatigue, which is why the Odyssey G7 has been specifically designed to minimise visual fatigue by offering consistent brightness, contrast range and colour coordination from the centre to each edge of the monitor. Even after partaking in a gaming session that runs late into the night, users’ eyes are sure to remain unstressed.



Furthermore, the Odyssey G7 has been awarded the Eye Comfort certification by TÜV Rheinland, a certification organisation that sets global standards of quality.


Any player is sure to feel like an expert gamer when using the Odyssey G7 monitor thanks to its smooth game performance and fast response time, even during action-heavy gameplay scenarios. Overall, it is clear that the Odyssey G7 monitor was developed for those looking to enjoy high-quality, immersive gaming sessions without the limitations of eye strain or delayed response times.

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