The Summer of Sports

on 19-09-2019
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Outside of a stadium, TV has transformed the sports-watching experience


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 19 September 2019As Winter gives way to Summer, the season many have waited for really begins – the Sports Season. Everything from football to cricket is in full swing, and this year especially is no exception, with the drama and excitement of the Springboks taking on the world. While most of us will not make it to Japan for the glorious spectacle, new innovations in TV allow us to witness the vibrant green of the pitch and watch the ball fly through the air, making us feel like we’re in the middle of the action.


An incredible example of this is Samsung’s 2019 QLED TV line-up, which features more screen size options, stunning picture quality, dazzling colours from every angle, exciting new design elements and intuitive smart TV upgrades. All of which points to a massive upgrade on your match day seat.


You Don’t Have to Be There to Be There


Sports fans always rightfully point to the atmosphere of a sports stadium as the ultimate way to watch a game or race. In many ways they’re right. However, there are the downsides, or better put, the upsides – groups of people standing up in front of you, obscuring your view of the field. The hard plastic seats don’t help either. Then there’s the long queues at the restrooms and the overflowing parking bays all with the possibility of bad weather. And most of us now not only follow the action in front of us, but also the reaction to every goal, tackle or bad referee call on platforms like Twitter. Unfortunately, in big stadiums, getting signal is often as difficult as predicting who will win a penalty shootout.


Technology Is a Game Changer


Intelligent TV’s can now produce a picture that’s amazingly real. With Samsung’s ground-breaking 8K QLED every scene is amazingly vivid and real. It’s like 3D without the glasses. With more colours than the human eye can see, infinite details and optimised audio you see, feel and hear as if the match has come to life in front of you. Additionally, as you watch, it analyses what’s playing and automatically fine tunes the picture and sound to your TV space. Which means you’re able to hear and feel the stadium erupt with celebration during the biggest moments. Sports Season has just got a lot more riveting.


“This year’s line-up brings together innovative feature enhancements and exciting content and service partnerships to deliver a truly ground-breaking viewing experience and unprecedented value. As the electronics partner to the Springboks, we’re excited about the possibilities QLED brings to sports fans,” says Nithia Pillay, Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

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