Ticking All The Boxes: The Samsung Smart Monitor Makes Work, Play And Learning An All-In-One Experience

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 12 November 2021 – The way we work, learn and play changed dramatically in 2020. In fact, this year just feels like an extension of last year. Now, remote working, blended learning and even time for extra gaming time is now the norm, as people entertain themselves at home. Samsung’s new Smart Monitor has therefore arrived just in time with a single display packed with all-in-one features for work, learning and entertainment. This is powerful technology that helps you work more efficiently, learn in a more flexible way and play like the outside world does not exist.


Do it all and make it work for you

With Samsung’s new Smart Monitor, you can now work like a boss with the single display, packed with all-in-one features including powerful mobile and PC connectivity with a display that operates Microsoft Office 365 applications1. It’s a complete desktop experience, even without a PC, where you can connect the monitor with Samsung DeX, so those work emails and documents on your smartphone can be seamlessly displayed and worked on – turning work into child’s play. And when you do want to play, it does that well too.


Life can be a beautiful game

The Smart Monitor is super productive for work or learning but is transformed into a fun station in an instant. This do-it-all screen has the ability to easily access TV and movie streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV, while it seamlessly supports AirPlay 2. It operates as a complete entertainment hub powered by an incredible display an amazing built in speakers. For gamers, it’s a secret weapon. You can now keep your eye on the win with an ultra-wide screen and mega- processing power that takes winning to the next level!


Work or learn from a safe distance

Welcome to the world of the Smart Monitor. This is where the office or class comes to you. You can boost your productivity with Remote Access features. Using the Office 365 suite, you can view and edit documents, and conveniently save them all on the cloud. This super-Smart Monitor, also has the acclaimed TUV certification, which means it features technology designed to make viewing more comfortable. Even while at home, you can work remotely on your school desktop. With incredible video chat features, the ability to mirror your smartphone and other awesome connectivity tools, everything you need to do is always just an easy click away. And when you need a break, the Smart Monitor switches to give you that escape you need.

Work, play or learn – with the Samsung Smart Monitor, all the boxes are incredibly well ticked!

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