Unfolding Excellence: The Galaxy Z Series received Great Media Review!

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Series has made waves in the smartphone market with its innovative foldable design that continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology. With this latest and revolutionary foldables range, Samsung is encouraging local consumers to ‘Join the Flip Side’ so that they can have access to ground-breaking mobile innovation.


South African  media outlets and tech enthusiasts who had a chance to interact with the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 gave their thoughts on the foldable wonders. As expected, these smartphones have garnered significant attention and media reviews provide insights into their performance, design and overall user experience.


Display Technology, Performance and User Experience

The display technology in the Galaxy Z Series has been one of the focal points in media reviews, with many tech journalists commending the vibrant and crisp high-resolution AMOLED displays, and noting that the foldable screens provide an immersive experience for gaming, video streaming and productivity. The Galaxy Z Series has not only impressed with its design, but also with its performance. The powerful processors, smooth multitasking capabilities, and seamless user experience are among the most lauded features of the devices.


Lifestyle & Tech’s Kgalalelo Mosetlhi wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a remarkable achievement in the world of smartphones. “It not only pushes the boundaries of design and innovation, but also delivers a stellar performance that caters to both tech enthusiasts and everyday users”. With its elegant foldable design, powerful performance, innovative features and user-friendly interface, the Z Flip5 offers a glimpse into the future of mobile technology.


“Samsung has once again proven its prowess in creating devices that blend style and substance, and the Galaxy Z Flip5 is a shining example of that. If you are ready to take a bold step forward in the world of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is the device to consider.



Business Day Wanted’s Brendon Peterson wrote: “Samsung and Z Flip5 may be the solution to doom scrolling that we have all been searching for. The Z Flip5 is certainly an eye-catching device. I use Samsung Pay/Samsung Wallet while the phone is closed and the way that seems to capture people’s attention is crazy. Everyone wants to know what phone it is and if they can check it out.


One of South Africa’s leading technology news sites, Hypertext, had this to say: “Semantics about what technology is supposed to be and do aside, there is no doubt that the Galaxy Z Flip5 is a beautiful little device. The gloss of the folding screen, the silver finish of the back, the way the Samsung logo emerges from the flex hinge – a marvel of engineering and design in its own right – complete what is essentially an “ooooh” machine”.


“People will be looking, family will be asking to hold and touch. Showing off is top of mind when you have something as new-looking and as fancy as a Samsung foldable. It screams: “This is the latest in smartphones” and everyone knows it.


Camera Capabilities

Camera performance is a crucial aspect of any smartphone, and the reviews thoroughly examined the photography capabilities of the Galaxy Z Series and its advanced camera systems that give users versatile photography options.

Stuff magazine’s Duncan Pike said, “If you are after camera technology in addition to a screen that will open to tablet size, you are in a moderate amount of luck. The camera performance on offer is decent.



We would go as far as labelling it ‘excellent’ but only if we are allowed to add the caveat ‘for a folding smartphone. There are three main camera sensors, usable whether the Galaxy Z Fold5 is open or closed. The 50MP main sensor, 10MP telephoto and 12MP ultra-wide are as capable as any Samsung smartphone that features the combination.


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