Wherever you go this December, Samsung has you covered

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Multiple channels are available for all your service and
repair requirements


Holiday season is just around the corner and wherever you plan to go for your summer vacation, you want your holiday to run smoothly and free from worry.

Therefore, why not consider to download Waze or an equivalent map service from the app store, to ensure you find your destination with ease. Perhaps you want to consider loading the latest weather app, to be forewarned of the weather conditions for your holiday. You may even have obtained a calendar of the most exciting events in the region you are travelling to.

However, all this will be in vain if something happens to your mobile device and you find yourself far from home, requiring repairs. Unless of course, it is a Samsung product, as service assistance for all devices and appliances are available during holidays – via multiple channels – across the country.

Should you be staying in one of the major metropolitan areas, you will be able to make use of Samsung’s cyber-booking facility to quickly book the repair in advance. Cyber-booking is designed to expedite faster and more effective service and is available across the Samsung customer service plazas in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

“By using this facility, you provide the service centre with early notification, enabling it to ensure that the relevant parts or spares are in stock by the time you bring the defective product in. This means that the repair, if possible, should be done within the hour, so you don’t waste half your holiday waiting around for your device to be fixed,” says Richard Chetty, Director for SSA Service at Samsung South Africa.

He adds that if you are not near one of the major cities, you may still visit the Samsung website and seek out the service locations nearest to you.

Travel without concerns knowing that issues with any of your devices can easily be dealt with. But what do you do if, for example, your fridge experiences problems while you are away? You certainly don’t want to come home to a freezer full of spoilt food.

The answer is quite simple, explains Chetty. “Ensure that your house-sitter or emergency contact has the details for Samsung support channels, along with the warranty details for your Samsung appliances. They can then contact us for help on 0860 726 786.”

There are a number of options to choose from. They could utilise Samsung’s Online Chat service, where experts are available to talk the customer through a range of troubleshooting options. If this service could not assist in resolving the problem, the agent will then contact the service centre number to log a call for the customer, in order to provide Samsung’s in-home service. These repairs will be done free of charge, as long as the product is still within its warranty.

“Ultimately, Samsung is committed to breaking down barriers and deliver on our clients’ requirements as speedily as possible, even if they are not at home when these requirements need to be met. We have a committed service infrastructure in SA, backed up by multiple support channels. These include phone, e-mail, live chat, remote service and cyber service. This means that you are able to relax on the beach, comfortable in the knowledge that Samsung will provide the safety net for repairs on all your appliances and devices,” concludes Chetty.

For more information, log on to: http://www.samsung.com/za/support/
or call: 0860 726 786.

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For any issues related to customer service, please go to samsung.com/za/support for assistance.
For media inquiries, please contact ssapr.newsroom@samsung.com.

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