Why Samsung QLED TV’s Make A Big Difference

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 13 September 2021 – Samsung TV’s offer a high-quality viewing experience, which is why the renowned QLED TV line-up, including the incredible Neo QLED continue to receive praise around the world. With QLED TVs, many people are interested in what makes them different from OLEDs. It all boils down to different technological principles. QLED TVs use Quantum dots which are inorganic, durable, stable and allow for excellent colour and brightness. Meanwhile OLED TVs use organic material that can leave them susceptible to image retention.


What’s special about QLED TVs?

There is a bit of science behind the magic. QLED TVs take advantage of the many unique characteristics that Quantum dots offer such as “high luminance”. Luminance refers to how bright a screen looks and that brightness is an important factor affecting other elements of image quality. First, contrast ratio is naturally improved when brightness is higher. When bright and dark representation of videos and images can be widely expressed, it’s known as HDR (high dynamic range). This HDR, which is an essential component of picture quality, is enhanced further providing crisp and rich images.


Since TVs are not frequently replaced, you should consider carefully whether there are any factors that might lead to regret after purchase. QLED TVs cannot avoid Burn-in due to the nature of their self-illuminated organic displays. Burn-in is a permanent defect in the panel where a residual screen image appears permanently on screen. If you think about frequently displayed images such as broadcaster logos, they are in the same fixed area for a certain period of time. Repeatedly displaying the same logo in the same place is enough to result in Burn-in. QLED TVs have the advantage in that you can watch your content for long periods of time without having to worry about Burn-in—allowing for an overall longer TV lifespan.


QLED brings a world of light and colour to life

The effect of brightness on overall colour quality is simple. For example, in the red colour spectrum there is a range of bright and dark reds, but QLED TVs express this range of colours better. This unique QLED technology, along with other black implementation technologies such as Direct Full Array, provides a completely different picture quality and a more realistic viewing experience compared to non-QLED TVs.


The colours matter

All TVs use red, green, and blue as the base colours to create the images you see on screen.

However, the way different kinds of TVs produce those colours varies, resulting in true colours or not-so-realistic colours. With Samsung, the Quantum dot separately depicts accurate red, green, and blue – producing pure colour and lifelike hues.


Turning up the volume is key

Colour volume is the next difference. It is what happens when light is shone through colour, resulting in a bright-to-dark spectrum of every colour. The better the colour volume in a TV, the closer to life the colours appear. QLED TV expresses 100% of the colour volume, thereby producing an incredible range of colours.


It’s all in the details

In a movie scene at night, there may be a character lurking in the dark, but you don’t’ want to strain your eyes to see them. QLED TV uses HDR, or High-Dynamic Range, to achieve the level of brightness that we see in the real world. This is much easier on our eyes and we get to an incredible amount of detail.


These are just some of the reasons Samsung QLED TV’s continue to be the TV South Africans trust. Samsung continues to analyse every facet of your TV viewing from AI-powered pixel upscaling and sound optimisation to environmental adaptation that turns the TV into a fine piece of modern art. This isn’t just unstoppable innovation. It is technology made to last.  Beyond TV viewing, QLED is also incredible for gaming as it has the fastest refresh rate and lowest input lag, which could be the difference between victory and losing a precious lifeline.


QLED is sustainable Innovation

Samsung also strives to incorporate environmental sustainability into everything it does. The company’s products are thoughtfully designed to minimise their impact on the environment throughout their lifecycle – from the planning and manufacturing stages to their use and recycling. This includes using power-efficient semiconductor chips, sustainable packaging and energy-saving technology, and offering consumers the ability to upcycle packaging and old devices. Through tangible solutions like these, the company is empowering consumers to take part in an important mission: conserving resources and reducing their environmental footprint.


QLED fits seamless into your home decor

If you’re looking for something to really stand out, an amazing option with QLED TV’s is that they are able to display content including your cherished photos and favourite artwork. This means you can tailor your TV to your décor and change it whenever you’re in the mood.


Ultimately, Samsung TVs push the boundaries of style, technology and consumer experience. QLED TVs combine cutting-edge picture and sound innovations with premium designs to offer users unparalleled new viewing experiences. For QLED TV’s including the latest Neo QLED, Samsung has elevated visual and audio quality to new heights, and ensured that not only is the user experience more seamless and intuitive, but it’s an experience you just can’t help but love.

For any issues related to customer service, please go to samsung.com/za/support for assistance.
For media inquiries, please contact ssapr.newsroom@samsung.com.

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