How entrepreneurs can leverage Samsung’s innovative display technologies to help transform their small businesses in Canada

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The article was published by CanadianSME in their issue no. 35


If a picture paints a thousand words, Samsung Canada display technologies paint millions. With digital transformation at the forefront of business conversations in recent years, innovative display solutions have surged in quality and uptake, with more companies leveraging tech to help improve operations and performance.


Over the last two years, the use of tech to transform the customer experience has never been more important as businesses seek to offer in-store services that inform and support visitors while also working to maintain safe and socially distanced environments across Canada. In the past year, small businesses have often borne the brunt of measures to ensure social distancing, and in order to help keep from closing their doors, entrepreneurs have had to source new solutions to assist them in riding out the unpredictable economic landscape.


As the economy continues to reopen across the country and adapt to new protocols, Samsung Canada display technologies help provide excellent solutions for in-store experiences that assist with providing a socially distanced environment for customers and employees, while pushing businesses to the next level.



For businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to tech needs. From retail to hospitality, every operation has a unique set of challenges and goals, with different processes for managing employees be it from home or office. Restaurants look for ways to entice customers and communicate offers while offices require new ways to hold large board meetings and manage workflow. Samsung Canada has a range of digital display products that can help all types of small businesses meet their particular needs.


The innovative display of the Samsung Business TV engages customers with eye-catching visuals. Samsung designed this TV to help restaurants, retail stores, salons, and other consumer-facing businesses with innovative and high-impact digital signage. The Business TV has more than 100 pre-loaded templates for businesses to really up the ante in their stores. Businesses can also trim traditional marketing costs with these TVs, as they allow owners to update the displays directly from their own phones, without the need to print menus or promotional materials.



In the age of “contactless” experiences, the Samsung Kiosk offers space-saving and compact design to help cater to employee and customer needs. The Kiosk, an intuitive all-in-one payment and ordering system, assists in reducing the number of one-to-one interactions with the customers, and can provide an enhanced service experience.


Long gone are the days when all office meetings were confined to conference rooms. With virtual and hybrid workforces becoming the new normal, people frequently clock in from home and participate in virtual meetings, which can all be facilitated easily with the Samsung Interactive Display Flip 3.0. This innovative display helps simplify teamwork, allowing users to share notes, sketch out and brainstorm new ideas, present plans, and collaborate with ease. The Interactive Display’s 4K UHD picture quality renders teamwork in vivid, eye-catching quality and can be synced with compatible personal devices to share real-time content.



In an ever-changing business landscape, Samsung continues to evolve its products and prioritize small businesses with adaptable technology. Its digital displays are the latest way in which the tech innovator has worked to provide enhanced experiences for not only business owners but also for their customers.


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