How Samsung DeX is keeping government employees productive at home and on the go

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Government workers can rely on Samsung DeX-equipped Galaxy mobile devices to stay flexible and productive as they navigate the future of work.

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Before the pandemic, most government employees commuted to an office every day. Working from home was a foreign concept to many. But COVID-19 has changed all that, bringing every kind of public-sector work imaginable to basement offices and kitchen tables across the country. And with no fixed return-to-work date in sight, government IT departments are sourcing innovative technology to bridge the gaps. Enter Samsung and their Galaxy mobile devices installed with the game-changing DeX platform.


When it comes to maximizing workers’ mobility, it doesn’t get much easier than Samsung DeX[1]. Exclusive to the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, this versatile software application allows mobile phones and tablets to switch gears and seamlessly behave like desktop computers so workers can get the most out of their handheld devices.


DeX works in a variety of modes. Public sector workers can connect their Galaxy mobile device to a computer monitor or PC via a cable and use the attached keyboard and mouse to navigate the applications on their phone as they would on a desktop computer. With DeX, they can plug in to any workstation, whether at home or in the office, to work more intuitively inside of different apps, drag and drop files and right click for more functions, just as they would on a PC.



Even more impressive is the ability for DeX to be used wirelessly. Using Bluetooth to connect their device to a Smart TV or Smart Monitor, government workers can cast files or presentations onto the big screen with the touch of a button. Wireless DeX is ideal for busy professionals who need to move quickly from taking a phone call to heading into the boardroom to lead a presentation, to spending time catching up on email back at their desk. These are all tasks that can be completed easily from a single device, thanks to the flexibility offered by DeX.


Available for use with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, standalone DeX mode can be enabled using a keyboard attachment to trigger a PC-like experience, offering the ultimate in mobility. This means there are no hiccups for government workers who flex between out-of-office appointments and more traditional office environments. For instance: a social worker who conducts home visits part of the day and then sits at a desk to type out case notes. Or, a fisheries expert who writes reports at an office after leading community consultation on habitat protection. They can all move seamlessly from site to site using DeX on their Samsung tablet.


For most government employees who work with sensitive information – perhaps a forensic medical examiner, a pension manager or a budget analyst in a tightly guarded revenue department – security might be a concern when working remotely. With Samsung DeX, sensitive information stays locked down, made more secure within your workplace’s domain. From virtually anywhere, workers can access any kind of document with ease.


In some cases, workers might want the desktop experience without the hassle of connecting to ports or traditional peripherals like monitors and mice. That’s possible too, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem of devices. Users can enable standalone DeX on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, and with the handy S Pen, a digital stylus, take handwritten notes, right on the screen. So, whether a government employee is stationed roadside inspecting commercial vehicles, going house-to-house to read power meters or doing site checks at northern mining operations, it’s easy to walk, talk and take notes, all the same time.


Workers in the office can also connect to a video conference with their Galaxy Buds2 hands-free for crystal-clear audio on conference calls, thanks to powerful voice pickup technology. So, a government tax auditor can still dial into the weekly meeting and break down the latest numbers, with no compromises in sound quality. With the Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Tab S7 FE with S Pen and built-in DeX, government workers can do everything they need to do for work wirelessly, from virtually any location.


Some public-sector teams admittedly need more computing power than a mobile device can provide. For instance, phones and tablets alone might not be enough for a park surveyor modifying detailed topographic maps, or a tourism marketer editing promotional videos. Here, the Samsung Galaxy Book laptops really excel. The Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 are equipped with the 11th generation Intel® Core™ Processor and Intel® Evo™ Platform to handle large files and run demanding applications without breaking a sweat. Not to mention the added benefit of long-lasting battery life – workers can enjoy enhanced mobility with a battery that runs for up to 20 hours.[2]


Across Western Canada, Galaxy devices are proving to be the future of productivity for the public sector. Thanks to Samsung, government employees will be ready for the future of work, whatever that may be. The best part? They need little more than the mobile phone in their pocket or the tablet in their shoulder bag to do it.


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[1] Samsung DeX wireless connection is available on smart TVs that support Phone Screen mirroring only. Certain apps may not run or require a separate purchased license on Samsung DeX.
[2] Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary.

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