[Infographic] ‘Where Should I Place My Lifestyle TV?’ A Home Stylist’s Tips for Great Interior Design

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With its sleek and elegant design, Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs are often used as interior-enhancing décor for expressing one’s taste. From The Serif, with its design that resembles the capital letter “I”, The Frame, with its elegant and modern bezel, to The Sero, which features a portrait mode-inspired design, the wide-ranging models in Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup cater to many tastes.


Depending on the space, there are various ways that Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs can be used to enhance the interior. With the assistance of a home stylist, Samsung Newsroom shares elegant ways to use the company’s Lifestyle TVs and household objects to decorate a variety of spaces. Whether you are decorating your interior with plants or opting for a minimal aesthetic, the following tips and tricks can help you create your perfect space.











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  • The-Frame_1.jpg

  • The-Frame_2.jpg

  • The-Frame_3.jpg

  • The-Serif_1.jpg

  • The-Serif_2.jpg

  • The-Serif_3.jpg

  • The-Serif_4.jpg

  • The-Sero_1.jpg

  • The-Sero_2.jpg

  • The-Sero_3.jpg

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