Samsung Canada Q&A with Dustin Gallagher, chef and partner for Samsung’s Premium TV launch

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From the scintillating sound of a sizzling short rib to the sight of delicate shavings falling gently from a black truffle, a delicious three-course dinner prepared by professional chef Dustin Gallagher was recently brought to life on the big screen thanks to Samsung’s new line-up of Premium TVs, the Neo QLED 8K and OLED.


For the launch of their new Premium TVs, Samsung Canada partnered with Dustin Gallagher, the chef and owner at Toronto’s Noble House, to highlight the innovative technology and superb brightness, colour and contrast behind these TVs.


The new range, including 2023 models of Neo QLED 8K and OLED, provide an immersive viewing experience. From stunning 8K technology showing even the tiniest details to Pantone-validated screens[1] bringing colour to life, the new Premium TVs are designed to wow consumers and push the boundaries of both picture quality and impeccable design.


“Samsung has maintained its position as a global leader in the TV market for 17 years in a row[2] by providing exceptional TV viewing experiences, and these new models are no exception,” said Pat Bugos, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Canada. “Through our partnership with Dustin Gallagher, we are reimagining the term ‘TV dinner’ and providing a viewing and culinary experience like no other.”


For the launch event, guests were invited to the Samsung Experience Store at the Toronto Eaton Centre for an intimate meal prepared by Dustin. During the experience, guests were able to watch every detail of the cooking process captured in 8K, on the full range of Neo QLED 8K and OLED screens, showcasing the TVs’ superb picture quality and witnessing Dustin’s talents in unparalleled detail.


Following the event, Samsung Canada caught up with Dustin to learn about his experience and what it’s like to participate in the launch of the Samsung 2023 Premium TV lineup.


Q: Why did you partner with Samsung for the launch of its new Premium TVs?


A: I was thrilled to be asked to partner with Samsung because I appreciate their commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of technology. As someone who is passionate about culinary creativity and exploring new ways to bring food to life, it was a natural fit. I also leapt at the opportunity to magnify my creations on Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K and OLED screens to really showcase the beauty and intricacy of each dish. Through this event, Samsung’s screens really allowed guests to fully appreciate the artistry and presentation of each dish before they even tasted them. Partnering with a brand that shares my vision for delivering the best possible experience was an easy decision and I’m looking forward to creating more groundbreaking moments with them.


Q: What do you think of the new Samsung Premium TVs?


A: As a chef, I’m always looking for ways to elevate the dining experience and make food more enjoyable and engaging for my guests. That’s why when I first glimpsed at Samsung’s new 2023 Premium TV lineup, I could immediately appreciate how they were elevating the entertainment experience and connecting with viewers on a new level. I was blown away by the stunning clarity, detail, and colour displayed on these TVs. It was hard to believe I was looking at a TV, especially with the Infinity Screen providing an almost invisible frame on the Neo QLED 8K models! The 8K and OLED technology brought my food to life in a way I never thought possible, allowing viewers to appreciate the smallest details and nuances of each dish. It’s really amazing to see how technology can enhance the way we live, including our relationship with food.



Q: As a chef who has also appeared on TV, why is technology important when showcasing food?


A: Throughout my career, the old saying “we eat with our eyes” has consistently rang true. When a dish is set before us, our mouths immediately start to water. The way food looks, can be almost as important as its taste. When I worked and appeared on various TV shows, I witnessed firsthand how important it was to make food look good and technology was often the way to do that. Audiences expect a high level of visual and audio engagement in everything they watch, even for something as straightforward as preparing a meal. With Samsung’s new Neo QLED 8K and OLED screens, we can show viewers the beauty and artistry of food without them having to step foot in a kitchen. With true-to-life picture quality and immersive audio, Samsung’s Premium TVs really capture the essence of the ingredients I use and the care that goes into creating these meals. I think guests at the launch event left with a better understanding of the culinary process and why I love it so much thanks to the cutting-edge technology used in this Premium TV line-up.


Q: Do you believe the dining experience can be elevated by technology? If so, how?


A: We already use technology in so much of what we do in the kitchen, from sous vide machines to electronic meat thermometers, so it just makes sense to use it to share the cooking process and the end result. With technology like what we have seen in Samsung Premium TVs, we can provide guests with a visual and auditory “taste” or preview of a dish they’re about to enjoy, increasing the excitement and anticipation for it. Think of it almost like a teaser to whet the diner’s appetite! The Neo QLED 8K and OLED range have the ability to really showcase the art and creativity of cooking that resonates with people and makes them excited about food.


Q: What inspired you to create these particular dishes for Samsung?


A: When I originally experienced Samsung’s Premium TVs, the first thing that struck me was how I was able to see even the tiniest details on the screen. That’s why I was drawn to ingredients like shaved truffles in our gnocchi dish. The mushroom’s tiny veins, intricate grooves, and paper thin edges were all brought to life in vivid 8K clarity on the screens. Even the fine particles of flour that dust the fluffy gnocchi, or the potatoes as they pass through the ricer, were captured in mind-blowing detail.


From a sound perspective, I wanted guests to be able to hear every moment of the meal’s preparation. With Dolby Atmos top channel speakers integrated into both the OLED and Neo QLED 8K TVs, they were able to hear everything from fruit being juiced to the tiniest droplets of oil dancing on a pan.


Finally, I knew the new Pantone-validated screens produce lifelike colours, from the brightest whites to darkest blacks, and colour is really important in food, so I knew I had to create something that would really pop on screen. With that in mind, I prepared a beautiful and bright raspberry sorbet sitting atop a bed of exotic fruits for dessert to highlight the OLED screen’s impressive Quantum Dot technology and colour range which allows these ingredients to really shine on the screen.



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[1] Pantone is a global authority in colour, providing a standardised system relied on by over 10 million designers and producers worldwide. Pantone Validated Approval Certificate for the product meeting the requirements of PANTONE® Validated as tested issued to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. by Pantone on December 29, 2021.
[2] Source – Omdia, TV Sets Intelligence Service, Feb-2023. Ranking in terms of unit shipments for 17 consecutive years ending 2022. Results are not an endorsement of Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the third-party’s own risk.

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