A New Bixby Delivers a Simplified Experience With User-Requested Features

on December 2, 2020
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Since first launching in 2017, Samsung has evolved Bixby from an intelligent voice assistant for users to streamline tasks into an open, scalable AI platform that is available anywhere, anytime.


Both the Bixby Home screen and Bixby Voice have undergone transformations that have improved usability and helped users get more done with their devices including Samsung smart home appliances, Galaxy smartphones, wearables and tablets. With support for more languages and a suite of new accessibility features, Samsung has enhanced the Bixby experience for millions of consumers across the globe.


Now Samsung is taking one step further with Bixby to improve the user experience and make its features more accessible. Thanks to AI’s continuous evolution and Samsung’s commitment to offering better user experiences for consumers, Bixby has achieved much tighter integration with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, wearables, and tablets as well as Samsung home appliances as a tool to better execute voice commands across all devices. With the latest Bixby update, users can enjoy touch-less control of their Galaxy devices more easily than ever.


Here’s a look at the changes coming to the new Bixby.



A Simplified User Experience

Samsung updated the design language of the new Bixby, bringing it more in line with the user experience found in Samsung One UI. Moving beyond the original blue background, the Bixby Voice app now changes depending on your phone’s display mode. Easy horizontal and vertical scrolling also put a variety of new commands within reach, while performance improvements help to execute users’ commands faster. Improved readability along with the addition of light and dark themes, which bring a more consistent design experience to the Bixby Voice app, are already proving to be crowd-pleasing changes.



Users that participated in the latest Bixby app usage pre-release survey said they found the new version to be brighter, livelier, and more user-friendly than previous versions.



More Content at a Glance

With Bixby’s newest updates, Samsung has unified the app structure to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The latest update combines recommended commands, trending commands, and the Marketplace all in one convenient menu, so you can search for new Bixby capsules and use the voice commands from one place. The simplified structure removes the need to swipe through different menus or cards, allowing you to see the most important information you need with just a glance.



Fewer Interruptions

Whether you are browsing the web or watching a video, you can now use Bixby without interrupting your flow. Rather than taking up the entire screen, Bixby Voice now only takes up the lower third of your screen, so you can issue commands without leaving your current app. That means fewer interruptions on your screen when you’re gaming or using a map to find your destination.



The conversation indicator has also been changed from the Bixby icon to a bar, which grows as you speak to indicate voice recognition for a more dynamic and modern look.



Find the Right Command

Using Bixby feels more personal in the latest update, as the service now offers customized voice command suggestions based on your usage patterns and other devices you have registered with Bixby. With recommendations for a variety of apps and services, the new tailored experience helps you discover more ways to use Bixby and improve your Galaxy experience.



Discovering new ways to use Bixby is also possible by checking the popular voice commands that are trending among other Galaxy users and with hint commands in Bixby Capsules. Tapping Bixby’s main screen will also refresh it, offering a new list of recommended commands to sample from.



Bixby Arrives on Samsung DeX

Productivity has never been easier with Bixby now available on Samsung DeX. Whether you’re working on a presentation or streaming video on a larger screen, Bixby on Samsung DeX makes it easy to open applications or search for content on your computer or a larger monitor.



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