[Infographic] The Evolution of Bixby

on October 30, 2019
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Samsung kicked off last year’s SDC by announcing ambitious plans for its intelligent assistant, Bixby. The goal: build Bixby into an open and scalable AI platform that’s available virtually everywhere users need it, offering seamless connected living experiences across more regions, languages and devices.


Since that announcement, Bixby has expanded to a variety of products, including smartphones, wearables, tablets, smart TVs, Family Hub refrigerators and more, as well as SmartThings-connected devices. Over the last year, Samsung has opened the door for developers to create their own Bixby capsules with the introduction of the Bixby Developer Studio, and made it easy for users to download those services with the launch of the Bixby Marketplace in June.


The tools and enhancements introduced at SDC19 will make developing capsules easier, and offer developers opportunities to reach an expansive user base across Samsung’s device portfolio. For example, with the Bixby Developer Studio’s new Bixby Templates, rather than building a capsule’s code and model manually from scratch, developers can simply choose from a variety of templates designed to handle many situations – including offering a fact of the day or quiz, telling jokes, or playing a podcast.


Not only are capsules easier to create, they’re also quick and easy to find thanks to new Natural Language Categories. This means that now, when developers register their capsules under specific categories, if a user makes a request, Bixby will be able to search and suggest related capsules that fall under that category. It also means that users can call up capsules using natural language, rather than invoking the capsule’s specific name. This not only offers users a more convenient experience, it also makes it easier for developers’ capsules to be discovered and used.


To kickstart the creation of more capsules, the Bixby Developer Studio includes a new Bixby Views function, which enables developers to create capsules that feature consistent user interface designs across Bixby-enabled smartphones, TVs, tablets, smartwatches, refrigerators and more. Samsung has also announced that beginning in 2020, the Bixby Marketplace will expand to devices beyond smartphones. Interested developers can get a head start on developing for upcoming Bixby-enabled devices by using Bixby Views to start building seamless multi-device experiences.


In addition to hosting SDC, throughout the year, Samsung organizes workshops and sessions at locations around the world that offer developers valuable opportunities to hone their skills, gain exposure, and win prizes. Included among these are the Bixby DevJam competition and the Bixby Premier Developer Program. The former offers developers prizes for exceptionally innovative capsule creations, while the latter offers them first-class technical support, devices for testing and iterating capsules, and Bixby Marketplace exposure.


Check out the infographic below to trace Bixby’s incredible journey, and discover how the platform is helping developers add useful and personalized intelligence to more services and devices.


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