[Bespoke Exclusive Collection Interviews] ② Artist Andy Rementer on Bringing His Pop Art World to the Bespoke Refrigerator

on May 24, 2021
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To celebrate the release of Samsung’s latest Bespoke lineup, the company is collaborating with three artists and brands – Thibaud Hérem, Andy Rementer and HAY – to highlight how the Bespoke refrigerator’s wide range of color and panel choices lets users bring creativity and personal flair into their home spaces.


The second artist of this collaboration project being spotlighted is American pop artist Andy Rementer. Inspired by vintage typography and flea-market finds, Rementer’s unique compositions feature human and animal protagonists depicted in bright colors with wild patterns for a witty feel – often with a dark edge. Rementer’s design for the Bespoke 4-Door Flex is available in the United States on Samsung.com.


In order to find out more about how Rementer brought his signature style to the Bespoke lineup, Samsung Newsroom sat down with the artist to learn more.


Limited-edition panels designed by Andy Rementer for Bespoke



Q: You are known for your distinct and colorful artwork style. Would you say that your work is primarily influenced by the people and places you encounter?


I get a lot of inspiration from the characters I encounter in the streets, as well as from figurative paintings from art history. Generally, I don’t aim to illustrate real people and instead try to depict a more simplified, graphic version of a character within my visual world.



Q: Your visual language encompasses various mediums and subjects, but one thing that remains consistent across all your mediums seems to be your love for patterns and color. Where do you draw inspiration from for your patterns?


I love discovering patterns from visual media such as fashion, signage and architecture, and enjoy putting my own spin on them. I may include anything from a polka dot pattern spotted on a vintage dress to an unusual brick texture I encountered on the façade of a building. I find that patterns are a great way to add texture and dimension to flat mediums.



Q: How did you find the collaboration process? Was there anything in particular that was different from the way you usually work?


I have never created artwork for an appliance before, especially for one as important as the refrigerator. My process involved considering the unique shape of the final object as well as its function in the home, so I found it interesting to consider how to create images that are to be seen multiple times throughout the day by different sets of eyes, at different heights and at different angles.


Artist Andy Rementer



Q: What was your focus during this collaboration project? Please tell us about the theme and messaging you wanted to convey to the domestic space through your special edition designs.


In all of the designs I created, there are characters depicted in different situations. Some of them are going about their day and some are simply hanging out and taking it easy. I wanted to incorporate the themes of enjoying everyday life, being with others and taking a break, as these are all occurrences that usually happen around the refrigerator in one’s home.



Q: What are your opinions on the range of color and material options for the Bespoke line’s panels? How would you put together a Bespoke for your own home?


I think the Bespoke I would assemble would incorporate the more neutral swatches of panel and finish, as I’ve always preferred this kind of design for my home. That’s just my personal preference, though; since colors and finishes play such a strong role in Bespoke’s design, I would imagine that someone with a stronger sense of color could create some really interesting contrasts with the different color swatches to create a more colorful space.



Q: The Bespoke x Andy Rementer refrigerators are so unique that they are set to have a big influence on the interior aesthetic of a home. What kind of interior décor do you envision these refrigerators in?


Since color plays a strong role in the designs, I might imagine the refrigerators working well in a few different scenarios. Given the bold colors, they could fit nicely along with a very neutral and clean decor, which might be my preference. But, perhaps someone with a stronger sense of color and contrast could balance them within a more colorful space as well. Regardless, I hope they bring joy and perhaps a fun daily moment to the kitchen.

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