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on May 12, 2021
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Recently, at ‘Bespoke Home 2021’, Samsung Electronics unveiled its vision for a new kind of home – a Bespoke Home – in which appliances are beautifully designed, flexible to fit every lifestyle, and seamlessly connected for maximum convenience. In this, the first installment of our ‘Bespoke Home’ series, we’ll examine the various colors, configurations and collaborations available in the designs of Bespoke’s refrigerator lineup.


The introduction of Samsung’s flagship Bespoke refrigerator lineup has changed how we view refrigerator design. It’s done this by bringing three revolutionary ideas to the table: a customizable and interchangeable front panel design, modularity that allows consumers to choose and add the optimal storage configurations to suit their needs, and a sleek, modern look that fits seamlessly into any kitchen.


Read on for more information on how Bespoke is revolutionizing appliance design, as well as details on the exciting collaborations that were announced at Samsung’s ‘Bespoke Home’ event.



Color Me Bespoke

Soothing, neutral tones. Classic black and white. Soft pastel hues. Bold, saturated tones that make a statement. Bespoke’s color options are wide and varied, and suited to every taste. What really sets the lineup apart, however, is the ability to combine this diverse palette with a wide range of materials and finishes. It goes without saying that this is more than just a colorful fridge.


Bespoke panels are available in finishes that go beyond simply basic metals. If you’re looking for a warm, earthy look, opt for the Cotta metal finish, which features a clay-like texture. If your kitchen features big windows, the glossy Glam Glass finish will reflect sunlight beautifully throughout the room.



Bespoke’s color options have been expanded for the refrigerator lineup’s global rollout this year, with eight options available in the U.S. and up to 14 options in Europe, depending on the model. Whether it’s a classic 4-Door refrigerator, a simple Bottom Mount Freezer, or a combination of 1-Door and Bottom Mount Freezer modules, you’ll be able to create a Bespoke fridge that combines the storage you need and the aesthetic you want to fit your lifestyle.




Going forward, Samsung will continue to add more options to Bespoke’s palette that cater to consumers’ ever-changing preferences, as well as the latest trends. Plus, with Bespoke’s interchangeable design, consumers can continue to explore different possibilities for their fridge by outfitting it with new panels that cater to their lifestyle.



Modular Design, Seamless Fit

Imagine having a refrigerator that transforms alongside you to give you a truly bespoke experience. When experiencing a significant lifestyle change, you don’t need to toss out what you’ve been using and replace it with something new. Instead, you can simply add what you have into what you need.


For example, you can use the 2-Door unit when you’re living on your own, and later – when you get a roommate or move in with a significant other, for example – add another 1-Door or 2-Door module to transform your fridge into a double-door model. When you find yourself needing extra storage to accommodate a growing family, simply add a Bottom Mount Freezer or another 1-Door module, depending on your lifestyle.


The doors on each module are also reversible and designed to open easily, giving you the freedom to place your Bespoke refrigerator next to furniture or a wall without worrying about the door not having enough space to open.



Inspiring Collaborations

Samsung’s recent ‘Bespoke Home’ event saw the company reveal three collaborative Bespoke refrigerator designs, which will be available in select markets as exclusive collections.


Thibaud Hérem x Samsung


Together with French illustrator Thibaud Hérem, Samsung has created a Bespoke design for the European market that consists of three 1-Door modules that come together to depict Fontainebleau. Furthermore, in partnership with pop artist Andy Rementer, Samsung has created a 4-Door Flex design for the U.S. market that reflects the playful and colorful style of Rementer’s work.


Andy Rementer x Samsung


In addition to these designs, the ‘Bespoke Home’ event also offered a peek at a collaboration between Samsung and the Danish lifestyle brand HAY. The collection, which introduces five new colors to the Bespoke range, was inspired by natural food ingredients found in European kitchens.


HAY x Samsung


Through collaborations like these, Samsung continues to push the limits of what refrigerators can offer for consumers of all lifestyles and design preferences.



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